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Hashberry Strain Information and Review

Hashberry Strain Information


Hashberry Strain Information and Review

Hashberry Strain


Despite its mysterious lineage, Hashberry has become a favorite strain for many people in the cannabis community. It’s easy to grow, it smells good and tastes even better, and delivers comfortable highs that move from the head to the body. Add it all up and you’ve got a real cannabis classic.


Hashberry is known for being a particularly potent strain. As an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid, this one comes in slightly higher than the average Indica strains. The average for all Indica strains across the board is 12.5%, and the buds usually have 15% THC. The most potent Hashberry flowers are 18% THC.


Although it’s not the most potent ganja around, Hashberry still delivers a beautiful, well-balanced, and complex set of effects. It does an excellent job of giving users a little bit of the head highs associated with Sativa strains and then following them up with some of the killer body highs that come from Indica strains.

After a couple of light puffs, you’ll probably start feeling a surprisingly strong head high. At this stage, you’ll feel focused, creative, and energetic. After a while, this initial head high will start to wear off and move down into your body. As the body high sets in, you’ll find yourself feeling really relaxed and maybe even a little sleepy. Throughout the entire thing, you’ll be happy, relaxed, and a little bit euphoric.

Scent & Flavor

Hashberry smells primarily of sweet berries blended with strong undertones of hash. When you light it up, the smoke takes on an additional hint of pepper or minty-ness. All around, it’s a strain that’s smooth and easygoing on the nose and mouth.Hashberry Strain Information

Side Effects

Along with the standard side effects of cotton mouth and dry, red eyes, Hashberry users might also feel dizzy, anxious, and maybe even a little bit paranoid. In some cases, people get a little fidgety after smoking Hashberry.

The Best Way To Use It

Hashberry is a great choice for an afternoon, evening, or nighttime smoke sesh. It’ll leave you feeling calm and relaxed, but not couch locked. This makes it a good choice for social settings as well. But if you’re trying to use Hashberry to help yourself fall asleep you may want a slightly larger dose. Give it an hour or two to really set in.

Hashberry also has some pretty effective medical properties. The combined head and body highs are a good way to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. In larger doses, it can be useful for insomnia. But it’s not super effective when it comes to aches and pains.

Where It Came From

The most we can say for sure is that Hashberry was at some point created by blending an unknown strain with some North Indian landrace Indica. Beyond that, cannabis folklore says that Hashberry started when a hippie from the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco gave a bag of unidentified seeds to some California growers. Whatever was in that bag was then crossbred with the North Indian Indica to create it.


Hashberry is a great choice for beginning growers. It’s resilient, hardy, and fairly forgiving. And the best part of all is that tends to produce pretty good yields after 9 to 10 weeks of growth. You can grow Hashberry plants indoors or outdoors, and it responds especially well to the Sea of Green growing technique. Buds are usually a nice mix of green with red flecks and a beautiful coating of white trichomes. Sometimes the trichomes may even give the flowers a slightly purplish complexion.

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