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LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

LA Confidential Strain Review and Information


LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

LA Confidential is an award-winning pure Indica strain. It not only boasts a kickass name but also packs enough power for the title of Strain of the Year in 2006.

However, it wasn’t just hugely popular for its name. Its smoothness and well-rounded balance of favorable sensations and useful health benefits are huge contributors to its success.


LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

This strain can be very potent, but usually, you won’t find it topping out any charts. Typically it’ll clock in around 18 or 19%, but in some cases has exceeded 25%. Be sure to have an idea of what the percentage of your yield was before ripping it.


LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

The effects of LA Confidential are predominantly laziness. You’ll find your body in a completely numb and calm state, with varying cerebral effects. A recommendation is to hit this strain at night, as it is usually only an hour or two before it knocks you out.

Although this strain is pure Indica, many people say that the cerebral effects you experience can be almost trippy. Others include reviews of an uplifting feel more indicative of a sativa strain.

Scent & Flavor

LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

Most predominantly, this strain is very earthy. Notes of pine and woody spices are common in the aromas, and when broken up transform into sweeter, fruity aromas still balanced by earth and diesel.

When smoking this strain, the flavors begin much like the aromas, a balance of sweet and earthy. The transformation upon exhale is much more diverse, with notes of caramel and even lemon and herbs. LA Confidential will also surprise with skunky hints alongside all the woodsiness. Keep note that this strain is also very resinous.

Used For

LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

Being such a calming strain, LA Confidential is ideal for Insomnia. While some people also use it to treat chronic pain, it is one of a small selection of strains whose genetic makeup make it an ideal candidate for reducing the symptoms of those with autism.

In addition to these benefits, the soothing calm that this strain brings is very good in treating the symptoms of Bipolar disorder as well as ADD/ADHD. It is also interesting to note the difference in strain effects between experienced and casual smokers. You may find that the effects from LA Confidential are better at calming you rather than putting you to bed.

LA Confidential Genetics

LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

Produced by DNA Genetics Seeds, LA Confidential is a pure Indica strain. It is a cross between OG LA Affie (also known as Afghan Bombay Kush) and pure Afghani. As mentioned above, the genetics of this purebred Indica are unique in that they help reduce symptoms of autism.

Not only that, but this strain is technically considered a three-way hybrid strain. OG LA Affie is a strain that combines heirloom Lemon Thai, Pakistani landrace, and Colombian Gold genetics. Created by California breeder Johnny Que in 1978, OG LA Affie is one of the first OG ‘cuts’ that ever surfaced prior to the California OG Craze


LA Confidential Strain Review and Information

LA Confidential is a great strain to grow for first timers or hobbyists. It is resistant to almost all types of mildew and molds and can be grown indoors or outdoors. By 7 to 8 weeks they’ll have finished flowering, and although the yield is less than average, the nugs are quality; expect the high to last 2-3 hours.

As a secondary tip, this strain will be forced to flower at 3 to 4 feet high if it’s clipped early on. The yield and quality will be the same, and you’ll save space as a result. The buds from the yield turn out beautiful, with shades of neon and seafood greens, high trichome production, and scattered orange-red pistils. Grown properly, the buds will also be surrounded by a high leaf count.

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