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Laughing Buddha Strain Information

Laughing Buddha Strain Information


Laughing Buddha Strain Information

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a sativa-heavy hybrid, thanks to its trans-Pacific sativa heritage. The Thai and Jamaican strains that make up Laughing Buddha’s parentage contribute the flavors and sensations of their places of origin.

The buds’ earthy, fruity smells and tastes are punctuated with tangy, gingery spice. These give way to a rich and pungent smoke, like the incense in a Buddhist temple.

People who smoke the Laughing Buddha report all of the tell-tale signs of a well-crafted sativa. Upbeat feelings of euphoria, alertness, and energy, wrapped in a blanket of laughter and warm giggles.

It’s those last two affects that achieve a heightened dimension in the Laughing Buddha, one reason for its name. It’s just an energetic, enthusiastic, almost goofy kind of high.

And it’s a high, and a flower, that represents a state-of-the-art sativa-dominant hybrid. It usually clocks in at 75% sativa, 25% indica.

The third-place winner of 2003’s Cannabis Cup in the Sativa category, Laughing Buddha is becoming a staple for growers in the hot and temperate climates that best support the strain.

The fact that growers choose to cultivate the strain in the first place is a testament to its strength and desirability.

In the fast-growing market for legally grown cannabis, high-yields and quick flowering times are highly sought-after traits. But the Laughing Buddha is, like a Zen monk, interested in taking its time and developing at its own pace.

Still, great reward comes from the longer flowering time and the extra work required to grow this strain.

The payoff is large, tight, and heavy buds — another reference to the round belly of the Buddha? The buds are so dense and weighty, that the plant needs special supports in the final three weeks of its flowering period.

The well-known growers at Barney’s Farm are the folks who’ve given this strain its good reputation. Even with its relatively low levels of THC and CBD, Laughing Buddha offers his blessings.

A highly functioning, giggle-soaked, and energetic high that will get you moving. Perfect for the springtime.

(Photo Credit: icmag)

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