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Malawi Gold: The Rarest Strain on Earth

Malawi Gold: The Rarest Strain on Earth


Malawi Gold: The Rarest Strain on Earth

Malawi Gold is a pure sativa strain that grows naturally in the African country of Malawi. Malawi Gold is said to smell like fruits and a strong spice.

What is the rarest strain on earth? Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is a pure sativa strain that grows naturally in the African country of Malawi. It is one of Africa’s most highly psychoactive sativa strains. Malawi Gold plants take a long time to mature, but the dense, long nugs make it all worth the wait. The strain received is called Malawi Gold because it is from Malawi and the strain is rare as gold. It can’t be found in another country, and it took professional strain hunters two days and a few quad rentals to find any.

The Green House Seed Company is a group of individuals who seek out rare marijuana seeds and sell them. They have a youtube channel with a “Strain Hunters” series where they visit different countries seeking rare cannabis seeds.

On the Malawi episode, the strain hunters crew spent 6 to 7 hours following locals who mislead them. They ended up finding nothing the first day and rented four-wheelers the next day to ease their search. The field they found was much smaller than locals advertised but some seeds was better than no seeds.

According to the World Bank, Malawi Gold is now internationally renowned as one of the top sativa strains from Africa. The strain has caused a rise in tourism in Malawi and other African countries who have access to the Malawi strain. Malawi Gold is one of the country’s top three exports even though it’s illegal.

Characteristics of Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is a highly psychoactive pure sativa strain. It is a land race meaning it has been inbred completely. When marijuana strains are inbred the characteristics of a strain are more consistent. Malawi Gold is said to smell like fruits and a strong spice. As for taste, the Malawi strain has been described as sweet, with a hint of pineapple. The nugs are long, dense, and highly-resinous for being grown outdoor with minimal resources and information on cannabis cultivation.

Where to find Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold Is The Rarest Strain on Earth

The area known for the finest Malawi Gold is the Nkhotakota district. Apparently, by the banks of the river Lupache, it is easy to obtain the psychoactive plant. It is sold in units called “cobs.” A cob is marijuana tightly packed into banana leaves. The legendary strain grows naturally in the central and northern regions of Malawi. Cannabis has been illegal in Malawi for a long time. Despite this, it has been openly smoked and unpoliced because of the close cultural connection Malawian people have with the plant.

South Africa already has a popular land race of their own, Durban Poison. Even so, South African smokers have a soft spot for the sweet taste and potent Malawi Gold. The strain is for sale in South Africa and attracting more marijuana tourism to the area. African countries like Kenya and Tanzania are also seeing an increase in weed tourism because of their access to Malawi Gold.

Final Hit

The Malawi parliament passed legislation allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp. Hopefully, Malawi goes entirely legal, so it will be easier for cannabis connoisseurs outside of the country to obtain some of their sweet sativa.

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