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Maui Wowie Strain Review And Information

Maui Wowie Strain Review And Information


Maui Wowie Strain Review And Information

Maui Wowie is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Most Sativa strains have somewhere around 13% THC, and this one averages anywhere from 13% to 19%.

Maui Wowie Strain

Maui Wowie is a must-smoke for any serious cannabis fan. This strain is a classic in the world of weed. When it first showed up on the scene back in the 1960s, it immediately became a huge sensation. Since then, tons of other strains have caught up to it regarding potency and THC content. But there’s still nothing else that has quite the same combination of smells, tastes, and energizing effects that Maui Wowie has been giving pot smokers for decades.


Maui Wowie is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Most Sativa strains have somewhere around 13% THC,  and this one averages anywhere from 13% to 19%.

Back in the day, when Maui Wowie first emerged from the shores of Hawaii, it was very rare to find a strain with THC levels in the double digits. Maui Wowie’s most likely got its name because it blew that out of the water. For most smokers in the ’60s, this one would have wowed them. In its day, this strain pushed the envelope when it comes to potency.


Maui Wowie stays true to its Sativa roots. It gives most users an energizing sense of focus, creativity, and euphoria. You might also feel a slight body high that will add to your feelings of relaxation and calm. The main thing you’ll notice, though, will be its clear head high. Expect a buzz that will be noticeable but that won’t leave you too spaced out.

Scent & Flavor

When it comes to the scent and flavor profile of Maui Wowie, it again stays very faithful to its roots. When you break apart, a Maui Wowie nug expect the smell of sweet tropical fruit and citrus.

Those notes will also be the primary things you taste in the smoke. No matter where you are or what time of year it is, smoking Maui Wowie will make you feel like you’re outside, relaxing on a beautiful tropical beach.

Maui Wowie Strain Review And Information

Negative Effects

When it comes to adverse side effects, some users report feeling dizzy. And in larger doses, some people end up getting a headache.

Used For

You can this use this strain any time of day. It can be an excellent choice for a wake and bake strain, as it will help you feel energized and focused. It’s also an excellent choice for any time that you need a little creative boost of inspiration or problem solving.

Use Maui Wowie when you’re hanging out with friends. It’s an especially good party strain since it won’t leave anybody couch locked or mentally checked out.

When it comes to medical uses, try Maui Wowie for anxiety, depression, and some mild aches and pains.


Nobody knows the precise genetic history of this strain. What we do know is that it comes from the warm, sunny, and fertile climate of Hawaii.


If you want to grow your own Maui Wowie, the trick is to replicate its home climate of Hawaii as closely as possible. That means that in a lot of places, this one’s best suited for indoor growing or hydroponics.

Since it’s a Sativa strain, plants will be fairly tall and lanky. Expect buds to appear around nine to ten weeks.

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