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Platinum Kush Strain Review And Information

Platinum Kush Strain Review And Information


Platinum Kush Strain Review And Information

Platinum Kush is derived from OG Kush and an Afghani strain. Platinum Kush is an Indica dominant strain that delivers a reliable and consistent body high.

Platinum Kush


Platinum Kush is an Indica dominant strain that delivers a reliable and consistent body high. Since it also has a fairly high concentration of CBD, this is a great all-around strain, perfect for recreational and medicinal uses.


Most Indica strains average somewhere in the neighborhood of 12.5% THC. Platinum Kush comes in a bit higher. Buds are anywhere from 16% THC to 21% THC, and most will be right around the 18% mark.


The most pronounced effects of Platinum Kush are in the body. After a sesh with this strain expect to feel a pleasantly numbing sensation that will probably leave you feeling relaxed and a bit sleepy. This mellow relaxation is complemented by a gently uplifting feeling.

The effects of this strain are pleasant, but they don’t last very long. If you’re using this right before bed time, you’ll probably be fine. But if not, there’s a good chance you’ll need to keep your high going with additional puffs later on.

Scent & Flavor

Platinum Kush has a smell and flavor profile that strikes a nice balance between sweet, earthy, and some sort of berry-like fruit.


Platinum Kush Strain Review And Information

Negative Effects

Although the highs delivered by Platinum Kush are short lived, the good news is that there aren’t very many negative effects. Of course, you can expect the usual dry eyes and cotton mouth. Beyond that, some users will experience paranoia, dizziness, or headaches.

Used For

This strain is best used at night. It can be a good choice at the end of a long day if you’re looking for a mild way to relax that won’t leave you feeling couch locked or spacey. Platinum Kush is nice and low key. And that makes it a good choice for solo use or smaller social settings—pretty much anytime you’re looking to take the edge off and have a nice, relaxed evening.

For medical uses, try Platinum Kush if you have trouble sleeping. It can also be helpful treating chronic aches and pains, stress, depression, and lack of appetite. And many people who have seizures or epilepsy have had success with this strain as well.


Platinum Kush is most likely derived from OG Kush and some Afghani strain. The real star of the genetic show is OG Kush, which is one of the most famous Indica/Sativa hybrids in the world. Platinum Kush brings with it a lot of its mama’s relaxing properties but is usually much less potent.


Platinum Kush usually does best in hydroponics setups. It’s especially productive in the Sea of Green growing method. But since it’s also a fairly hardy plant, experienced growers can get a good harvest from outdoor grows, even in cooler climates.

This strain produces fairly bushy plants that are good at resisting mold and mildew. Expect flowers to show up around 8 to 9 weeks. And when they do, you’ll fall in love with your plant. That’s because the buds will be covered in a nice thick coating of rich, crystal-looking trichomes. In fact, one of the reasons this strain is called Platinum Kush is because the flowers have so many crystals they look like they’re platinum coated.

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