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9 Most Popular Haze Strains In The World

The Most Popular Haze Strains


9 Most Popular Haze Strains In The World

7. Purple Haze

Most Popular Haze Strains

Thanks to Jimi Hendrix, you’ve heard of this popular haze strain—even if you haven’t smoked it yet. Purple Haze will give you great head highs that may even send you on a little psychedelic trip.

This strain is the offspring of Haze and Purple Thai. Buds will be sprinkled with hues of purple and lavender. They smell and taste earthy, like its Haze counterparts, but also introduces slight notes of berries.

6. Afghan Haze

Afghan Haze is another popular Haze hybrid. It was created by legendary breeders Nevil Schoenmaker and Shantibaba. They crossed Haze with a strong Afghani Indica strain.

The result is a hybrid that delivers soothing head highs combined with serious body relaxation. This makes it an excellent way to treat pain, appetite loss, and depression.

5. Royal Haze

This strain is the offspring of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. That’s a lot of strong Sativa genes. And it shows. Royal Haze produces super energizing cerebral effects. It can help you stay focused, sharp, and creative.

As for growing, it can sometimes be a bit easier than the standard Haze strain. That’s because this popular haze strain tends to be heartier and more resilient, and doesn’t need climates quite as warm. It still takes a while to flower. But its ability to survive slightly cooler temperatures makes it more viable for outdoor growing.

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