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The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner


The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’ve never even considered smoking weed before Thanksgiving dinner, this list will help you make a decision.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, you probably know that smoking weed before Thanksgiving dinner is a time-honored tradition. At first glance, it’s pretty easy to understand why. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around family, gratitude, and of course, huge dinners that will provide leftover-based meals for the next week. A lot of us toke up before Thanksgiving for the sole reason that it will boost our appetites and make the food taste better. But there are actually a few other reasons for getting stoned for the holiday.

1. You won’t want to drink

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

If your family is a big on the booze, especially during holidays, it may be tempting to imbibe a bit too much. Even if you know that too much alcohol is bad for your health, you might be tempted to accept your cousin’s challenge of a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style shot-taking contest. But trust us: all that will lead to is misery, a hangover, and disappointed glares from your parents.

Smoking weed before Thanksgiving dinner could reduce or eliminate your desire to drink. We can’t guarantee that you won’t accept another ridiculous challenge, but it probably won’t involve alcohol.

2. It will ease your anxiety and stress

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Do large gatherings fill you with dread? Do social situations stress you out? Your Thanksgiving might just consist of your family and family friends. But sometimes being around a crowd of people—even if you’ve known everyone your entire life—can trigger anxiety. These feelings can definitely be amplified if you’re spending Thanksgiving with your significant other’s family. Smoking or vaping a bit of green before getting together with everyone can definitely ease any social anxiety you might have. It can also help alleviate the general stress that comes with the holidays, which will, in turn, make you a lot more fun to be around.

3. You’ll be the “cool cousin”

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s a title that everyone secretly wants. You can achieve the status and earn the title in a couple of different ways. Be the most fashionable in your family, have the coolest job…or be the one who smokes everyone up. When you take a cousin or two “out for a walk” before Thanksgiving dinner, you better believe that they will be particularly thankful this season. Just use discretion and judgment when you include your family in your pre-holiday activity.

4. It will stimulate your creativity

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

This is particularly beneficial if you’re in charge of cooking a dish or two. Cannabis boosts and encourages a creative spirit. So you may find yourself inspired to channel that creative energy in your cooking. And hey, if you’re having a Friendsgiving, maybe whip up a cannabis-infused apple pie!

5. You’ll feel the love

The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Cannabis isn’t only good for alleviating anxiety and stimulating creativity. It can help you feel less inhibited and more receptive to the love your family has for you. Research shows that social bonding releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone”, produces very similar neurological responses that cannabis does. Smoking weed before Thanksgiving dinner combined with the oxytocin produced by being surrounded by your family and friends will have you literally feel the love.

Final Hit: The Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Smoking cannabis is beneficial for the majority of people. So why should it be any different during the holidays? Smoking weed before Thanksgiving could ensure a gathering filled with love, family, and stress-free fun. Happy toking and happy holidays!

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