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Quantum Kush Strain Review And Information

Quantum Kush Strain Review And Information


Quantum Kush Strain Review And Information

Quantum Kush


If you’re looking for a strain that packs in tons of THC, look no further than Quantum Kush. This Sativa dominant hybrid is one of the most potent strains you’ll ever smoke. So buckle up and prepare for liftoff—this one will send you soaring through the stratosphere.


Most Sativa strains average around 12.5% THC. But Quantum Kush blows that out of the water. This strain usually tests above the 27% mark, and very often goes higher than 30% THC. Quantum Kush is not messing around when it comes to potency.


Since it’s a Sativa dominant strain, you’ll feel the effects most strongly in your head. After a few good tokes expect to feel a calm and relaxing sense of euphoria. The euphoric feeling will go deeper and deeper until you find yourself feeling spacey and super mellow.

One of the things that make Quantum Kush so unique is that it’ll give you a killer, super powerful head high without also making you feel jittery, paranoid, or anxious. Most users find that this strain somehow manages to send them clear of outer space, but in a way that’s consistently pleasant, fun, and uplifting.

Quantum Kush Strain Review And Information

Scent & Flavor

Quantum Kush has a predominantly earthy smell with sweet and skunky undertones. These smells will be strongest as you’re breaking apart and grinding your nugs. After lighting up, expect the smoke to have a skunky, earthy taste.

Negative Effects

As we said earlier, Quantum Kush is famous for delivering serious head highs without a whole lot of paranoia and jitteriness. But once in a while, it will induce headaches. And of course, since everyone reacts differently, some users could experience some slightly unpleasant cerebral effects as well.


If you don’t have a lot of serious work to do, you could use this strain as a wake and bake. Since you’ll feel energized and uplifted, you’ll still be able to do stuff with your day. But at the same time, you’ll probably be pretty spaced out, so it might not be the best strain for days that you have serious business to take care of.

Use this strain during the afternoon, evening, and night. It’s awesome for social settings, for mellow relaxation, and times when you need a little creative spark.

When it comes to medicinal uses, many people have success using Quantum Kush to treat stress, depression, fatigue, and some mild aches and pains.


Quantum Kush is the crazy powerful child of Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck. Those are both fairly strong strains on their own, so it’s no wonder their offspring is as potent as it is.


Quantum Kush plants tend to be on the tall side. You can grow them either outdoors or indoors. Expect to see flowers somewhere around 50-60 days. Buds will be medium sized, fairly dense, and will be a nice olive green color. There may also be some really beautiful flecks of purple mixed in as well.

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