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Sour Jack Strain Review and Information

Sour Jack Strain Review and Information


Sour Jack Strain Review and Information

Sour Jack Strain


Sour Jack is a fairly popular hybrid strain that’s right around 50% Indica – 50% Sativa. Despite its genetic balance Sour Jack usually, produces effects that feel more like the head highs produced by Sativa strains. For people looking for a slightly more adventurous cerebral adventure, this could be an excellent pick.


Sour Jack is known to pack a pretty heavy punch thanks to its relatively high levels of THC. Most SJ buds will be right around 19% THC. When compared to the 12.5% THC content of most other hybrid strains, this one’s holding down the upper limits of what hybrids are capable of. And some growers have been known to produce Sour Jack flowers with THC levels as high as 22%.


Most users experience a clear head high that sparks positive feelings of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and creativity. Some people even experience some light psychoactive effects including visual and auditory hallucinations. And that all cerebral activity also provides an energetic boost, making Sour Jack a great option for using throughout the day, both by yourself and in social settings. Sour Jack highs set in quickly and powerfully, and for most users, last for at least a few hours at a time.

Scent & Flavor

Sour Jack smells most strongly of lemon and citrus with an undertone of diesel. The taste tends to be more strongly centered around the sour notes, while the diesel odor is usually more strong in the smoke.

Sour Jack Strain Review and Information

Side Effects

You’ll probably get some pretty serious cotton mouth after a few puffs on some Sour Jack. You may also get dry eyes, and some users will end up feeling a little bit dizzy. If you’re sensitive to psychoactive highs, you might feel a little bit paranoid or anxious.


Because Sour Jack is energizing and uplifting, it’s great for a morning smoke, a mid-day smoke, and an afternoon smoke. You can hit this one on days when you have work to do, especially if that work requires some creative thinking. SJ is also a great choice for social settings, as it will leave you and your friends feeling happy, euphoric, and slightly trippy.

Since there’s not a lot of CBD in Sour Jack—most flowers have only 0.22% CBD—it’s probably not the best choice for medical patients. With that said, it could be a good way to help some patients feel less lethargic, depressed, and sleepy.


The genealogy is all in the name on this one. The “sour” comes from Sour Diesel, and the “Jack” comes from Jack Herer.


This one grows fairly well both indoors and outdoors. Most Sour Jack plants get fairly tall, and if you do a good job taking care of them, will usually produce some pretty hefty yields. Sour Jack takes a bit longer than most cannabis strains to flower, so be patient and expect your plant to set out buds around the ten-week mark. When the buds do appear, they’ll be a beautiful lime green color covered with vibrant orange hairs.

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