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White Rhino Strain Review And Information

White Rhino Strain Review And Information


White Rhino Strain Review And Information

White Rhino

Some say White Rhino is named for the horn-looking structure of the plant that kind of resembles a rhinoceros’s horn. Others say it got its name for its strong and potent buds. Whatever the reason, White Rhino is a powerful Indica strain that will give you consistently pronounced body highs.


While the Indica family of cannabis strains averages 12.5% THC, White Rhino buds are significantly stronger. On the low end, you’re looking at 18% THC. And the upper end is up above 20% THC, somewhere around the 22% mark.


Most of this strain’s effects are centered in the body. After puffing some White Rhino expect to feel lazy, sedated, calm, and sleepy. Heavier doses will probably leave you couch locked.

At the same time, most users also experience a pleasant sense of uplifting euphoria that really sends the entire experience to the next level.

Scent & Flavor

This strain smells earthy and piney. The taste probably won’t register as anything all that memorable or unusual. With that said, though, expect to experience a solid and classically earthy smokey taste.

White Rhino Strain Review And Information

Negative Effects

Sometimes people can feel paranoid and anxious after using this strain. That’s especially true if you’re a lightweight smoker, a newbie, or if you take a fairly large dose. Some people also get headaches after consuming White Rhino.

Used For

Since this is a pretty strong Indica strain, we recommend using White Rhino in the evening or at night. There’s a decent chance you’ll end up stuck on the couch or falling asleep early, so be sure you’re done with the day’s serious responsibilities first.

The heavy body high produced by this strain makes it a good choice for pretty much any evening that you’re looking to relax and take the edge off. And the numbing effects it produces make it a great choice for treating aches and pains. Other patients use White Rhino to relieve stress, anxiety, appetite loss and migraines.


White Rhino is the product of a cross between White Widow and a North American Indica strain. White Widow is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid that’s been known to produce some pretty potent buds. Ultimately, though, this strain carries the traits of its Indica ancestors the most strongly.


White Rhino plants are usually bushy and thick. They do best in warm and slightly dry climates. You can grow White Rhino indoors or outdoors, and you should have pretty good success either way. It does especially well in the Sea of Green growing method.

Expect flowers to start showing up around nine weeks or so. And just like its White Widow momma, this strain produces buds that are covered in a thick coating of white, crystally trichomes.

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