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Wonder Woman Strain Review And Information

Wonder Woman Strain Review And Information


Wonder Woman Strain Review And Information

Many medical marijuana patients have success using Wonder Woman to help cope with depression, anxiety, nausea, pain, inflammation and loss of appetite.

Wonder Woman Strain Information

Wonder Woman has a big name to live up to. And it does a pretty good job of it. This is a great all-around cannabis strain. If you’re into growing your herb, this one will reward your green thumb efforts with a huge bounty of sticky icky.

And you’re obviously into smoking it. You’ll love the long-lasting, well-balanced highs this strain will give you. However you look at it, Wonder Woman gets the job done.


Wonder woman is a hybrid that’s evenly split between Indica and Sativa. In fact, this strain can produce individual plants on both sides of the hybrid aisle. Some are Indica dominant. Others are Sativa dominant.

In any case, Wonder Woman buds have an average of 15% THC. The most potent buds are right around 20% THC.


The primary effect this strain produces is a strong cerebral high. In this regard, it feels a lot like a Sativa dominant strain. You should expect the head high to hit pretty hard. And it’ll be fairly long lasting too.

The cerebral highs you’ll experience will be marked by an improved mood as well. You’ll feel euphoric, happy, and maybe even get a little boost of creativity.

Scent & Flavor

Wonder Woman has an interesting mix of sweet, spicy, sometimes slightly chemically smells and tastes. Many people who use this strain describe the smoke as being a little bit on the skunky side.

Negative Effects

The clear cerebral highs can sometimes be a bit too much. When that happens, users can feel anxious or paranoid. They might also have some unpleasant headaches.

Commonly Used For

This one’s probably not the best choice for daytime or morning use. Unless, of course, you’ve got no real responsibilities that day and you’re ready for an early blast off into the stratosphere.

But this could be an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for a great head high. And you should give this one a shot the next time you’re looking for a little space walk.

Many patients have success using Wonder Woman to help cope with depression and anxiety. And for bodily issues, this strain can be used for nausea, pain, and loss of appetite. It can also help with inflammation, which means this strain may be helpful for some gastrointestinal issues.


Wonder Woman Strain Review And Information

The genetic background of Wonder Woman is a little bit murky. One version of the strain was produced by combining White Widow with a hybrid blend of a landrace Thai, Haze, and a Skunk strain.

The other favorite version of this strain uses a slightly different mix of parents. Nirvana Seeds uses Ice as the primary genetic forebear of its Wonder Woman strain.


Wonder Woman does best if grown indoors. Greenhouses are good. And it does especially well with the Sea of Green growing technique.

If you use SoG, expect large yields. That’s one of the reasons this strain has become so popular.

Look for flowers to show up around ten weeks. Wonder Woman Buds are usually tightly packed, which makes it easy to harvest and trim. And the best news of all is that there’s usually a whole lot of them.

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