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How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed


How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

How To Build A Grow Box And Why It Works

Ever wondered how to build a grow box but didn’t know where to start? In fact, the materials you need to build one are easy to find and pretty cheap. Actually, with less than a minimum wage paycheck, you could grow the money tree that gets you through the year. So wait no longer.

For starters, learning how to build a grow box can calm a nervous beginner. First off, it’s discreet, which is ideal for keeping a low profile in a shared house. A grow box is also small so it doesn’t need much space. (Though you will need to commit time and attention.) Overall, the best part of the grow box is how easy it is to monitor. Therefore, if anything changes, you’ll know right away. Newbies often fumble with huge grow projects that flop big when some error they can’t predict happens.

How To Build A Grow Box On A Low Budget

How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

Build a small grow box on a budget so you can:

How A Grow Box Saves You Money

How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

When you’re always buying more, the cost of weed adds up quickly. As this YouTuber describes, harvesting “free weed” from your own setup inspires hope. He invented his own grow box method with convenient pieces from local hardware stores.

How To Find Materials For A Grow Box

How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

In order to copy his success, buy:

  • a 12-gallon plastic basin
  • clamps
  • a thermometer
  • compact fluorescent bulbs
  • reflective material
  • plastic hooks
  • potting soil
  • a small fan
  • small pot

Pay attention to these three things when you’re making a grow box.


How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

Basically, light is plant food. Plants need plenty of sunlight, but you’ll use the compact fluorescent bulbs to imitate natural light. For example, try bulbs with different hues, from brighter white to soft. Also, vary their wattage levels so you get the full range of temperatures and colors the sun might give. Get at least five bulbs for each twelve-gallon basin, and experiment with what works.


How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

Luckily, we live in air. Oxygen is free and it’s important for your plant to breathe just like you do. But the inside of a grow box, fitted with bulbs, gets way too hot for a young budding flower. Attach the fan to the inside of the basin so that you can cool your plant with it. Use the thermometer to keep the grow box at ideal temperature (between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit).


How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

Most importantly, your plant needs a good foundation for the roots to thrive. Soil provides a healthy environment for growth and development. For that reason, try shopping at a gardening store where soil mixes are available. Look for mixes with calcium pebbles or stones that absorb water and space the soil. A fresh, loose soil helps balance other extreme conditions in your tiny grow operation.

How To Build A Grow Box

How To Build A $100 Grow Box For Weed

  1. Place the basin standing up vertically on its side so that you can get maximum height from the storage bin.
  2. Cut a hole in the top of the basin to hold the main light source. The plant will sit right under this light so choose it wisely, and make sure it’s an energy saver CFL.
  3. Cut another hole into each side of the basin, one for the cooling fan and the other an air hole. Plants need lots of cool air and wind, so these holes will provide them.
  4. Line the inside of the basin, including the top of the cover, with reflective material. The video above describes a windshield protector from WalMart but even something like this would work. (If you’re a pro, you’ll get some Mylar for your mini grow closet.)
  5. Place a 27-watt (or 5600K) clamped light in the top hole, and two more low-energy bulbs on the sides.
  6. Use duct tape (or sticky hooks) to secure every bulb wire to the basin. Loose wires are a hazard you want to avoid. They cause fires and make you trip over them. Keep all wires under control.
  7. Put the small cooling fan into the hole you cut for it. Secure the wires with tape to the outside of the bin before plugging it in.
  8. Place your seedling and pot inside of the basin.
  9. Seal the basin and turn on the lights and fan.

That’s the basic setup for a small grow box that can fit anywhere in the house. For instructions on the full cultivation process, check out this guide to growing weed without getting caught.

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