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9 Ways To Grow Weed At Home

9 Ways To Grow Weed At Home
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9 Ways To Grow Weed At Home

Looking to grow in the comfort of your own home? Here’s a few ways to go about it.

If you want to grow weed at home, you’ve got plenty of options. The method of cultivation you choose depends on a number of variables. This includes local laws, the location you want to grow weed in, how discreet you need to be, and of course, your own personal preference. One way or another, you’ve got plenty of flexibility when it comes to ways to grow weed at home.

1. The Ground

If you live in a place where it’s legal, the most straightforward way to grow weed at home is to simply plant right in the ground. Typically, it’s best to use either clones or seedlings that have already been sprouted from seed.

And of course, this will require some degree of work to amend the soil and get it rich enough to support strong growth. Use organic compost and plant food to give your plants the best shot at producing great flower.

2. A Pot

If you’re looking for a relatively simple and low key way to grow weed at home, try planting your seeds or clones in a pot. One good thing about growing weed in a pot is that you have more control over your plant’s growing environment.

That’s because you get to decide exactly what goes into the soil you place in the pot. To that end, be sure you find a potting soil that is rich in nutrients, and if possible, microbes. Avoid chemicals that could be harmful to you when it comes time to smoking the bud your plants produce.

Once you’ve got your plant potted, you can grow it outdoors or indoors. If you’re growing it outside, be sure it’s legal to do so in your location. If you’re growing indoors, you’ll need to prep a grow room complete with lights, ventilation system, and tools to measure and adjust temperature and humidity.

3. Hay Bale

This one is a unique way to grow weed at home. Interestingly, you can plant and grow directly in a hay bale. Simply dig out a small hole in the top of bale and fill it with nutrient-rich growing soil.

From there, plant in the soil, and care for the plant as you would anywhere else. Water it, feed it organic plant food, and watch out for pests.

As you water, and as the plant sits in the sun, the hay will naturally decompose. This essentially acts as compost, fertilizing your plant as it grows. By the time you’re ready to harvest, much of the hay bale will have broken down, giving your plant tons of all natural nutrients along the way.

4. Closet

This is one of the classic, simplest ways to grow weed indoors. But to succeed, you need to retrofit your closet first. You’ll probably want to line the walls of the closet with some sort of reflective covering. This maximizes the light in the closet and improves efficiency.

Additionally, you need to install a lighting system and adjust the type of light and the amount of light throughout your plant’s life cycle. Similarly, you’ll need to control the odor. This typically requires some sort of fan and ventilation system.

With a few simple modifications, you can turn your closet into a grow room capable of producing loads of world-class bud.

5. Space Bucket

A space bucket is basically a self-contained bucket that has everything you need to grow weed at home. Think of it like a mini grow room contained entirely inside a bucket.

Space buckets can be great options if you’re looking for a small, relatively discreet way to cultivate cannabis in your home. You can purchase a pre-made space bucket. These will come with everything you need to plant and start growing.

Alternatively, check out our guide for building your own space bucket. Either way, growing in a space bucket is compact, clean, and fairly simple to use.

6. Grow Tent

If you want to be a bit more thorough and serious about your home grow, consider growing weed in a grow tent. This will allow you to have full control over your plant’s growing environment. Compared to other methods for growing at home, you may also be able to get bigger harvests with a grow tent.

When selecting a grow tent, you can either go with a simple tent that comes with just the basic tent structure and reflective surfaces. Or you can go with a more advanced tent that come with all components, including lights, ventilation, humidity and temperature control, and more.

7. Grow Box

A grow box is basically a smaller, more compact grow tent. It’s like a mini refrigerator that ‘s equipped with everything you need to grow weed. You can either build your own or purchase one already built and rigged out with all the growing components you need.

If you want to get really high tech, take a look at an automated grow box. These boxes come with lights, fans, vents, and a number of sensors to monitor things like light level, temperature, humidity, and more.

This data is then plugged into some sort of software program that automatically makes adjustments to the grow box to ensure the ideal growing environment.

Automated grow boxes offer a super easy way to grow weed at home. If you do it right, you should be able to simply plant your weed in the box, shut the door, turn on the system, let the software do its work, and get ready for a healthy harvest.

8. Aeroponics System

Aeroponics can be a great option for growing weed at home. This method gives you tons of control over your plant’s growing environment. It can also be a relatively minimalist way to cultivate cannabis.

The key feature of an aeroponics grow is that you don’t use a growing medium. Instead, you use some sort of apparatus to dangle the plant’s roots down into an open space while the rest of the plant grows up above the growing apparatus. You then feed the plant by feeding the roots a solution of nutrient-rich water.

Typically, people use an aeroponics system indoors. This means you also need to provide light and ventilation. Indoor growing also makes it easy to protect against pests.

9. Hydroponics Setup

Hydroponics is one of the most popular ways to grow weed at home, especially if you want to grow indoors. When you grow with a hydroponics setup your plants’ roots will be dangling down into nutrient-rich water.

An effective hydro setup needs to include a pump to circulate the water and inject some oxygen into the water. And just like any other indoor grow, you need to provide adequate light, be sure you’ve got the right temperature and humidity levels, and that all other variables are taken care of.

Hydroponics lets you control your plant’s growing environment. It’s also a great way to avoid any sort of contaminants or pests, and can be a sustainable and relatively quick way to get huge harvests right at home.

Even better, it’s pretty simple to make your own DIY hydroponics system for growing weed. Check out our guide to get started.

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