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How to Grow Your Own Weed In A Space Bucket


How to Grow Your Own Weed In A Space Bucket

Space Bucket Grow

Space Bucket grows are a DIY growing solution allowing closet gardeners to grow on the down low.

To make one all you need is some simple tools and some supplies from your local hardware store.

This guide will get you started making your own basic Space Bucket.

  • A dremel tool or knife capable of safely cutting heavy duty plastic
  • Drill or screwdriver

How to Grow Your Own Weed In A Space Bucket

  • Two 5-Gallon Buckets, preferably white
  • Four 23 watt Compact Fluorescent Lights and adapter
  • Mylar or similar reflective material
  • Two PC Fans and a 12v 2A power supply
  • A power strip
  • Black duct tape, lots of it
  • Eight 1 ¼” wood screws
  • Zip ties
Step 1: Prepare Main Bucket
  • Cut drainage holes into bottom of first the bucket
  • Determine the best position for the fan on the outside of the bucket, making sure it is high enough that the fan will blow on the plants
  • Trace a line around the fan and cut a whole
  • Ensure fan blows into the Space Bucket
  • Secure power strip to outside using zip ties, make sure your wires will all reach power
Step 2: Making the Drip Pan and Light Top
  • Measure second bucket 1 ½” from bale ring (the ring where the handles attach)
  • Cut along the line, separating the top of the bucket from the bottom
Step 3: Drip Pan
  • Measure 3 ½” from the bottom of the bucket you just cut
  • Draw a line around the entire bucket
  • Drill wood screws in, evenly spaced along the line
  • Now measure 7” from the bottom and cut the top off of the drip pan
Step 4: Light Top
  • Determine the most effective position for the light adapter you chose
  • Cut hole in top of bucket so the lights will be positioned in the middle of the lid
  • Trace a line around the second fan on the outside of the lid and cut it out
  • Ensure fan blows air outward for proper air circulation and secure with zip ties
Step 5: Assemble
  • Line inside of main bucket and light top with Mylar and secure with tape or glue
  • Trim excess Mylar away for fans and light fixture
    • For additional light proofing, wrap main bucket, drip pan, and light top in layers of black duct tape
  • Place main bucket in drip pan
  • Screw in light bulbs and plug in fans and lights

After that, just add a plant and watch it thrive!
Once you have mastered the basic principles of the Space Bucket build, you can modify it to suit your grow needs.

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