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7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught


7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

The best way to hide anything is in plain sight. You’re going to want a set up that won’t catch the attention of any unwanted eyes or noses. Here we show you some of the best products on the market to use when trying to grow weed without getting caught.

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

Super Deluxe 3.0

The Super Deluxe 3.0 is a 16 plant grow box that looks like an ordinary two-door cabinet found in many offices. It is a commercial hydroponics system that comes with all the nutrients and essentials required for you to start growing. The only thing they leave up to you is finding the plants or seeds you want to grow.

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box

Another grow box ideal for a small space like a closet or home office is the “Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box” which features dual carbon filters built into the air circulation system which uses the same technology found in military grade gas masks.

These filters keep the air exhausted from the grow box completely odor free and the Marina 75 fans “run at a whisper”, making “Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box” ideal for cultivators prioritizing discretion.

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

SuperBox CFL Grow Cabinet

The SuperBox CFL is a six plant grow box featuring a lock and key along with a simple plug into the wall set up. When it comes to hydroponic home growing this box gets the job done while taking up a fraction of the space used by grow boxes like the Super Deluxe 3.0 featured above.

With the locking door and carbon filtration, your grow will be safe from “pesky aromas and prying eyes.” The size of the box makes it ideal for a home office or even a bedroom.

Bedroom Hidden Grows

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

The PC Grow Box, PC Grow Box XL, and PC Grow Box XXL

The PC Grow Box is ideal for a bedroom or even home office. The PC Grow Box comes in 3 different sizes, and all models feature a built-in lock and key along with fans for ventilation and more. All three models hold two plants, but the XL and XXL are taller sizes that offer more space for larger plants and yields.

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

The Stealth Grow Dresser

The Stealth Grow Dresser, designed to blend into any bedroom environment, comes with everything you need for a stealthy soil grow.

Most of the grow boxes for sale are for hydroponics, but the Stealth Grow Dresser offers a discreet way to start a soil grow.

Hidden Grows for Around the House

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

Speaker Grow Box

With the Speaker Grow Box, you are given the option to choose between a hydroponic or soil grow. They also come in various sizes so they can fit in any room.

The speaker design truly provides a stealthy place to begin cultivating in any bedroom, living room, garage, office, or dorm room. They claim the set up only takes a few minutes: add seeds and a little juice and you’ve already begun your grow!

Since it’s a speaker having 2 of these bad boys near each other would double your grow while remaining hidden in plain sight.

7 Ways to Grow Weed Without Getting Caught

God Father 2.0

Last but not least the God Father 2.0 offers the serious home grower with extra space the ultimate home grow box experience. The God Father 2.0 is not a grow box; it is an entire grow ROOM. The more room a plant has, the larger it will grow, resulting in higher yields. This set up looks like an added closet and is ideal for homeowners looking to get a bit more serious about their growing.

And for those who feel they can’t afford any of the products listed above, the internet is full of DIY guides on building your stealth grow box for a fraction of the price!

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