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5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival


5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

Music festivals are one of the best things about summer, and to do it right you’ve got to have some bud with you. These are the best ways to sneak weed into a festival.

Most cannabis consumers will tell you that weed makes music sound infinitely better. Unfortunately, getting weed into a festival can be a real hassle. Don’t want your stash to get snatched? Then you’re going to have to get creative. Here are the best ways to sneak weed into a festival.

5. Edibles

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

You probably want a high that will last so you don’t have to find places to smoke in peace. The best thing you can do is bring cannabis-infused edibles. You can make your own or buy them at a dispensary. Just make sure you remove the edible from the packaging if it is store bought. You can put them in tin foil or a sandwich bag. If anyone questions your sneaky snacks tell them you have diabetes and need it to regulate your blood sugar.

4. Cartridges / Wax Pens

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

If you’ve got access to cannabis concentrates or pre-filled THC cartridges a festival is a good time to use them. It’s much easier to sneak concentrates into small spaces because a little goes a long way. You can get a few grams into your wallet without it being remotely obvious. Parchment paper with a gram or two will take up no more space than a business card. Unless you can figure out how to get a rig and torch into your festival, you’re going to need a wax vape pen.

Pre-filled cartridges are used on e-cig batteries. You should be able to get away with just calling it an e-cig but your cartridge might give you away. Just in case security has caught onto the best THC cartridges out there you should take extra precautions. There are 510 thread batteries that hide your cartridge so it’s less obvious. You can also just put the cartridge in a shoe or one of the following methods.

3. Inside a Vape Mod

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

If you’ve got a two to three battery vape mod you also have a place to store your weed. Just take out the batteries and pack them somewhere separately if you actually plan on using your vape. With a 3 battery mod, you’ll have enough space for a quarter of ground up buds. Security isn’t concerned with your nicotine fix so you should be able to easily sneak weed into a festival with this method.

2. Deodorant

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

Deodorant shouldn’t raise any red flags at music festivals. People get sweaty, so it’s to be expected. You can put a bag of weed somewhere inside of an empty deodorant canister and toss it into your backpack. You should be able to fit about an eighth of weed in there.

If you want to be really discreet, you can save the last bit of a deodorant bar, take it out of the plastic, and set it aside. To do this, spin the wheel until the spring goes all the way back down. You can then put weed into the bottom of the container. Now put that last little chunk of deodorant back into place, directly above your stash. That way, if anyone opens your deodorant, it’ll look normal. As an added bonus deodorant is made to mask smells so you can stay low while getting high on the go.

1. Disguise Stash

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

There are cans of soda hollowed out to be used as storage containers. If you’re going to use a stash can we recommend buying a larger pack of the same cans. Then you can blend your stash can in with them. If it’s a festival that lasts a few days having drinks is normal.

If that’s too much effort one of the best ways to sneak weed into a festival is a disguise Scotch lint roller. It is made with an actual lint roller and works from start to finish as one. You can even replace the roll and continue to use it. Cover that bad boy in lint and no one will look twice at it. Not like you can do laundry or have a closet of clothes to choose from at a festival. So a lint roller should be a normal part of your festival pack.

Final Hit: Sneak Weed Into a Festival

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Festival

According to data, somewhere around 22 percent of festival goers bring illicit substances with them. With cannabis being legal in several states, and with the number of weed-legal states likely to rise, that number is only going to go up. If they can get away with it so can you. To sneak weed into a festival, you’re obviously going to have to get a little creative. Just bringing it in your pockets is risky. The unprepared forfeit their cannabis to festival security every summer. Try one of these methods to avoid becoming one of them. Before you pack for your trip, check our list of the best cannabis strains for music festivals.

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