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21 Reasons Why Life is Better When You’re High

21 Reasons Why Life is Better When You're High


21 Reasons Why Life is Better When You’re High

Life is Better When You’re High

1. Increased focus.

Increased dopamine levels caused by ingesting marijuana can help with focus unless dopamine levels rise too high then attention and focus may be thrown off.

Micro-dosing works best for those seeking attention from their marijuana.

2. Better sleep.

As many know the common symptom of overdosing on marijuana is sleep. It’s easier to fall asleep, and the rest feels more quality.

According to a study on the THC’s effect on sleep, THC causes smokers to have less REM sleep and more deep sleep which provides you with more energy come morning.

3. Decreases anxiety.

Stress might mean a reduction in Anandamide, which is a chemical naturally produced in the human body responsible for keeping anxiety down.

When our bodies become stressed, or anxiety begins, enzymes that get rid of anandamide are produced.

However, some of the active chemicals in marijuana prevent the enzymes from attacking the bodies anandamide levels.


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