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10 Best “Highdeas” Of All Time

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time


10 Best “Highdeas” Of All Time

Some smoke weed to get high. Some smoke weed because of all the amazing things they think of when they’re high. Here are the best highdeas we’ve ever heard of.

A sense of creativity, freedom from inhibition, a willingness to experiment can all come from smoking weed. These are some of the effects that make using cannabis so attractive. The mood-altering and mentally inspiring feelings cannabis can provide are well-known and often lead to the creation of something truly special: highdeas.

The Best Highdeas Of All Time

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

A highdea is simply an ingenious, totally original idea you think up when you’re, well, high. These are ideas you could only think up while you’re high because otherwise, they might be too “out-there” for normal consumption. The best highdeas show us things we never noticed before, inspire us, and entertain us.

You can find highdeas all over the place. They come in a variety of forms. They’re basically proof that weed can make you more creative.

You can break them down into a few categories. It’s important, however, not to mistake a highdeas with imposters like silly puns or dad jokes. Highdeas are a breed all their own.

Some of them change the way you look at things. Being high can totally increase your powers of observation.

Things you’ve looked at your whole life can suddenly reveal a new dimension of themselves. How could I not see that before? you’ll probably ask yourself. Well, you probably weren’t this high before.

Other highdeas are all about making life better. In fact, if even a fraction of the brilliant highdeas people came up with for improving life became a reality, we’d all be living in a veritable utopia right now!

Rounding it all out are the highdeas that show us the truth is out there. For many of us, highdeas take the form of striking epiphanies and realizations. We peel back the curtain, peer behind the veil, and discover secret meanings lying just beyond the surface of things. Can cannabis be a pathway to truth and enlightenment? These highdeas suggest yes.

10. The Laptop Potpal

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

If you’re an avid weed consumer, you’ve probably spent some of your time high falling down YouTube rabbit holes or binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. There have probably been times when you thought, “hey laptop, you’re a really good friend.”

And then you realize, that “laptop” spelled backward is “potpal.” Hey there, buddy! No wonder you’re such a reliable companion when we’re high!

9. OK: A Friend You Never Knew You Had

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

This simple trick is one of the most popular highdeas of all time. Who knows exactly why. Sometimes, it’s the cute little things that get ya.

We type “OK” dozens of times every day in messages to friends, texts, emails. But it took one creative stoner to recognize that “OK” looks like a little stick-figure human turned on its side, chilling out all this while.

It even works with a lowercase “ok.” Actually, it gets better. With the “arm” extended, it almost looks like little ok-person is passing you a joint. Sweet, cheers!

8. Bed Is A Bed

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

We all know words are just arbitrary sounds meant to signal something to someone else. I say “weed,” you say “flower,”—we mean the same thing.

But when you’re really high, sometimes words take on a literal meaning in an entirely new sense. Take a look at “bed,” for example.

Notice how it kind of looks like a bed? Wild, right? If you’ve got sleep on your mind so much, it’s probably because you’ve been smoking some strong indicas. Nap time!

7. Morgan Freeman GPS

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

We’re all used to hearing our apps use a smooth, calming female voice to read off the directions to our destination. Siri, Alexa, Cortana—they’re all pretty much the same flavor.

But now imagine Morgan Freeman, the unofficial voice of God himself, telling you how to take the quickest route on your travels.

It would make everything you did seem more important and meaningful, somehow. And it turns out, other weed smokers agree.

6. Glow In The Dark Bubbles

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

Psychedelic visualizations are a staple of the cannabis experience. Somehow, few things are as entertaining when you’re high than gazing at the random motion of bright, trippy colors and objects.

Who among us hasn’t spent the night staring at iTunes visualizations of your favorite songs? Well with a little effort, you can turn your humble living room into a rave with just some bubbles and glow sticks.

Just activate the glow sticks, cut them open and pour the liquid in the bubbles. Turn off the lights, and you’ll be swimming around a room filled with glow-in-the-dark bubbles. Best highdea ever.

5. The “Weed Magnet”

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

For sure one of the best highdeas of all time is the “weed magnet.” Still only an amazing concept, the weed magnet is an invention which is, frankly, overdue.

When you smoke a lot of weed, you’re going to spill some here and there. And where do all those tasty little morsels of weed end up? Buried in the carpet.

There’s probably a few bowls’ worth down there, all told. But who’s going to pick through the fibers to collect it and smoke a cat-hair and fuzz-riddled bowl?

That’s why we desperately need a weed magnet. Imagine being able to recover all that delicious flower, sans the dirt? That is what you call a great highdea.

4. Cannabislandia

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

Money may be tight, but cannabis lovers never seem to have too much trouble scrounging up some coin to throw in on a purchase.

This fact led one intrepid pot smoker to come up with his greatest highdea ever: found a nation, of, by, and for the people. The people who smoke weed, that is.

The vision goes like this. Since stoners are always willing to pitch in what little money they have, organize all the stoners all over the world and buy a country.

The country would be a utopia for cannabis lovers. The currency would be weed, the only jobs would be weed- and snack-related ventures, we’d all drive around in hemp cars, wearing hemp clothes… you get the picture.

3. Homeless Super Mario

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

Few activities are more cherished when high than playing some video games. Active, entertaining, and visually pleasing, video games have plenty to offer after a nice sesh.

But then sometimes, in the middle of, say, rescuing Princess Peach from the nefarious Bowser, reality can hit hard.

One gamer’s highdea struck in the middle of playing vintage Mario on an old-school Nintendo. The realization? That Mario is a homeless drug addict.

Harsh, but look at the evidence. He only has one outfit, runs around sewers all day, and beats up his neighbors for money, all just to spend everything on mushrooms and flower. Get thee to a rehab, Mario!

2. How The Grinch Stoned Christmas

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

TV Tropes

Everything is a metaphor. But the Grinch may just be a metaphor for weed. Think about it. The Grinch is bright green and hairy, just like a nicely cured Kush strain.

The Whos down in Whoville look down on him judgmentally. But once the Whos give the Grinch a chance, he saves Christmas with laughter, happiness, and a sleigh-full of snacks and toys.

We get it, Dr. Seuss! It’s important to celebrate the Holidaze!

1. Sex While High

Best "Highdeas" Of All Time

Sometimes, the best highdeas are the simplest ones. Enough said about this one!

The Final Hit: The Best Highdeas Of All Time

Recreational users smoke weed to get high. Some smoke weed because of all the amazing things they think of when they’re high. We call those strokes of genius “highdeas.”

And whether they’re just crazy things you didn’t notice before, plans for a better world, or deep philosophical truths, highdeas are the intellectual currency of the cannabis community. What will your next great highdea be?

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