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Beer And Weed Are Made For Eachother

Beer and Weed: Happy Together


Beer And Weed Are Made For Eachother

Beer and Weed have a lot in common

Hops are one of the main ingredients in beer. It is one of the ingredients that makes beer what it is; a vital ingredient to the substance is actually in the same family as cannabis, very similar to hemp. If you ever smell a hops plant, you will notice – it smells an awful lot like weed. It’s no surprise then that beer and weed can go well together.

Beer actually contains myrcene, one of the chemicals in cannabinoids that give them that earthy smell. Strains with more myrcene have a distinctly earthy flavor.

Of course, these two substances offer a pleasant buzz when paired together, no matter what strain and brew you are consuming. But, if you would like to tailor your experience, you can make quite a perfect combo that has a lot of magic.

With the legalization of cannabis and the popularity of craft beer on the rise, there are endless pairings of beer and weed. Many beers are complex and tough to fit into specific categories; just like cannabis strains can be.

We advocate for experimentation, but here are a few suggestions. 

Beer and Weed: Happy Together

Hoppy IPAs

Some IPAs have a distinctly hoppy taste. Take Uinta Brewing Company’s Hop Nosh. These IPAs feel almost like drinking weed. Pair this with something equally pungent, but with some citrus, like Flubber or Shark Attack. You’ll get a relaxing, deep buzz.

Beer and Weed: Happy Together

Mild IPAs

Take a beer like the Lagunitas IPA, and pair with something a little more subtle, like Death Star or Super Skunk. These strains have a bitter yet citrusy taste. This combo will feel like a great house party in the summertime. Makes for a happy sedating buzz.

Beer and Weed: Happy Together


A lager such as Blue Point Toasted Lager or Great Divide’s Nomad will pair well with a strain like Blue Dream or White Widow, offering a subtle sweetness to balance any hoppy bitterness to these wheaty beers. Great for when you just want a drink after work.

Beer and Weed: Happy Together

Ales, Red Ales, Scotch Ales

Try pairing something like Bell’s Two Hearted Ale with a strain like Kryptonite or Alien OG. These strains are light and have a citrus taste to balance out the harsh. Great for a drink around dinner time in the winter.

Beer and Weed: Happy Together

Light, Summer Ales

A Harpoon Summer Ale or Brooklyn Summer Ale pairs wonderfully with a strain like Sour Kush or Durban Poison. The sweet flavors in these strains work well with a beer that is light and perfect for hot summer days. The combo makes for a pleasant, sweet experience.

Beer and Weed: Happy Together


A strain like Girl Scout Cookies or Purple Kush pairs well with a porter. These strains have a sweet tone but are light and subtle. Take a sweet beer with a hoppier, bitter tone, like Maui Brewing’s Coconut Porter, for example.

Alternatively, pair a rich porter with a strain like Cash Crop or Sour Diesel. The bitter woody taste of these strains will balance the sweetness and bitterness of a porter.



Stouts are rich and heavy. These can pair great with a creamy, chocolatey caramel strain like AK-47 or Mayday Express. Try a Stout like Allagash Black or Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout. These beers are sweet but have a high alcohol content and a bit of bitterness that these sweeter strains help to balance. Makes for a decadent dessert and a decadent high.



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