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The Best Cannabis Strains For Oral Sex

The Best Strains For Oral Sex


The Best Cannabis Strains For Oral Sex

Oral Sex

For both partners, oral sex can be both extremely intimate and extremely awkward. If it’s with someone new, the whole experience is relatively just a guessing game, so you need something that will calm your nerves, but keep you focused on the goal. Try some of these strains if you want to win the whole oral sex game.


Scents are everything with this strain. Caramella lives up to its name with its incredibly potent sweet caramel candy smell. The taste of this strain will remind you of a delicious butterscotch float as well. Not to get gross, but the beautiful smell and taste of this strain might off put any other icky smells that come with oral sex.

The cerebral effects of Caramella give the smoker an uplifted and friendly high, which will alleviate any to all anxiety. This will ensure that you’re comfortable getting or going down.


The medicinal use for Hashish is the best combination for pleasuring your partner. This strain increases appetite and gives you a boost of energy. The boost of energy is perfect for some after sex oral when you’re still pretty tired, and you need a little jolt. The increase in appetite is well, you know.

Hashish combines the best of sativa and indica elements, focused energy, while still being relaxed. This is perfect for some sensual oral sex where intimacy is needed.

Special Queen

Any guy who’s been down there with a girl knows that for any of your work to pay off, you have to make her feel like a queen. Special Queen, which is near even hybrid that combines relaxing and uplifting effects will help you do just that.

For both guys and girls, the way to a big O is relaxing the body. Special Queen has a medicinal use for anxiety and stress, meaning that this strain gives a calm head high to the smoker. This smooth head high will allow you not to focus on anything the pleasure you’re giving and receiving.

Spirit of ’76

The 70’s was filled with free love and sexual experimentation. Spirit of ’76 is a pure hybrid that deletes all stress from the smoker’s mind. You won’t be worried about whether you’re making him cum or whether you know your way around those lady parts. Instead, Spirit of ’76 will allow you to be without fear of making any oral sex mistakes.

The taste of this strain is also a fruity mixture that will make it much easier to dive in.

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