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World’s First Cannabis Weedery Is Opening

World's First Cannabis Weedery


World’s First Cannabis Weedery Is Opening

A “weedery” is like a winery for wine or a brewery for brews says American Cannabis Partners CEO Christian Hageseth. He thinks it’s high time to open up the Colorado Cannabis Ranch, the world’s first-ever “weedery.”

As a winery, the 50-acre Denver ranch will feature tours, gourmet food, concerts, and, when Centennial State law allows it, tastings.

In Colorado, marijuana is significant business, and legal weed is becoming more prominent every day. While profit is the major motive here, capitalism isn’t Hageseth’s sole ideology. He wants to take marijuana out of the alleys and put it in nature, where it belongs.

Speaking with Inverse, Hageseth said the “Weedery” is all about treating the cannabis plant as a natural wonder. He wants to design a “cathedral” to cannabis at the heart of his weed ranch.

In an interview with Inverse, Hageseth discussed the parallels between a cannabis sativa and sauvignon blanc, and why it’s important that Eddie Vedder and U2 play on opening night. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Is the Cannabis Ranch is your way of rebranding the drug?

I don’t want to talk about the prohibition of marijuana, any of the cultural influences on marijuana. I don’t want to talk about jazz music or hip hop or rap. I just want to take marijuana as a plant and put it back in nature and let people see it for that.

I think a lot of our misgivings and our misperceptions about marijuana are related to cultural stereotypes that have been repeated. Like, “Marijuana is like brown leaves at the bottom of the bag, so terrible guys carry in their pocket!” No — marijuana is a beautiful flower that grows on every continent. There are as many varieties of cannabis as there are of roses.

If you can appreciate that a red rose is like super lemon haze and a yellow rose is like sour diesel, then you can begin to understand the subtle differences between each plant. The way they look, the way they smell, eventually when you smoke, what do they taste like, what’s the high like?

What does a weedery look like?

The whole system will be built on 50 acres. It won’t just be a collection of buildings — it will be a campus.

The main reception hall is designed to evoke an emotional response from the people that come into it. It has what I call light cathedral proportions: Most cathedrals are long, narrow, and very tall. Ours will be similar to that.

At the far wall when you walk in there will be a living wall of plants, and then there will be a waterfall that comes down in the middle of those plants.

I want people to have a sense of being in nature. The aesthetic we’re going for is really to put marijuana back in nature.

Will there be marijuana “tastings”?

Eventually. I hope we will. With the way the law works currently, we can’t do that. Right now for marijuana, you can only smoke it in your home. But I think that will change.

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