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Weed and Wine: A Winning Combination

Weed and Wine: A Winning Combination


Weed and Wine: A Winning Combination

Weed and wine at the same time have been an undeniably pleasant pastime for a quite some time. With the advent of legalization, the practice of pairing specific strains and wine varieties together has become an increasingly popular activity, and it is easy to see why.

Pairing weed and wine can create an entirely new and unique experience, and many have found that the right combination can produce remarkable and impressive effects. With an enormous variety of wines and an equally vast amount of weed strains; there are tons of possibilities – the sky is the limit.

Here are some helpful weed and wine hints:

Try for flavors and feels that match each other. For instance, the sweet, fruity tones and body highs of Blueberry or Purple Haze work well with dark red wines. A bitter white or red wine with something piney or diesel-flavored.

Balance a pairing with aspects that compliment each other. Spicy with sweet, earthy with citrus.

Methods such as vaporizing tend to work better for getting the best wine and weed pairing, but use your discretion – a joint or bong hit could work perfectly.

There is plenty of room for experimentation; but here are some favorite weed and wine pairings to get the ball rolling.

Champagne and AK-47

Champagne is a light sparkling wine, and AK-47 offers a high that will leave you relaxed, mellow and capable of intellectual activities and socializing. A great combination worth toasting to and celebrating. This combination will leave you with a laid-back, enjoyable buzz.

Sauvignon Blanc and Sour Diesel

Sour diesel offers a cerebral, dreamy yet lively high. It features a sharp, pungent, citrusy aroma. Pair this with the bitterness of a dry white wine like sauvignon blanc. Sauvignon Blanc offers a crisp and refreshing taste to go with a crisp and refreshing high – feels like an instant sunny afternoon.

Riesling and Northern Lights

Riesling is a sweet white wine that tastes and feels great paired with Northern Lights, a resin-laced heavy indica strain. The sweet, spicy tones in Northern Lights complement the subtle sweetness of Riesling nicely. The relaxing body high that comes with the strain is fantastic.

Pinot Noir and White Widow

White Widow is a beloved classic strain. It’s pungent, earthy and has a high THC content. Pinot Noir is light, medium bodied and not all that bitter. Pairing these two together makes for a full-bodied high and a lovely, comfortable high.

Weed and Wine: A Winning Combination

Merlot and Trainwreck

The high THC content of this hybrid strain will leave you feeling euphoric and content. Merlot features a soft, fruity profile, smooth to sip for hours. This pairing is ideal for, and will feel like, a welcoming dinner party.

Malbec and Blueberry

This red wine is bitter and pairs great with steak, but also goes great with the sweet, resin-laced blueberry strain. The relaxing euphoria this offers will make for an interesting couple.

Red Dessert Wine and Purple Haze

Purple haze. A classic strain with sweet, spicy undertones. Pair it with a sweet dark wine for a delicious buzz that will leave you feeling creative, satisfied, alert and excited.

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