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Denver Hosts The World’s First Cannabis Wedding Expo

Denver Hosts The World's First Cannabis Wedding Expo


Denver Hosts The World’s First Cannabis Wedding Expo

Cannabis Wedding Expo

White weddings move over, green weddings are here to stay. In 420-friendly states, weed weddings are starting to catch on. And we’re not just talking about one or two little companies providing cannabis-centric celebrations for a handful of stoner brides and grooms. In fact, the idea of a weed wedding seems to have grown into something of a mainstream idea in many parts of the country. It’s now generating enough attention to become a pretty important niche within the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. The idea has grown so much in recent months, in fact, that Denver, Colorado just hosted what media there are calling “the world’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo.”


Via Whaxy

At the event, cannabis companies were showing off a variety of weed-inspired, weed-themed wedding options that included weed-infused refreshments, live budtenders to serve wedding guests some herb right for the occasion, pot decorations, and creative cannabis party favors.

“I think the way that it’s presented is so elegant and yet it still has that edgy feel of being on the edge of prohibition,” said Shelby Barsh, a Colorado bride to be who attended the expo.

Couples looking for a pot-themed wedding found out that a big part of putting together this type of event is figuring out how to make the party both fun and legal.

Barsh told reporters that one of the primary reasons she attended the expo was “to find out about some of the options and some of the logistics like how do you designate an area, how do you ID everybody, how do you present it in a classy manner.”

Via Whaxy

Via Whaxy

Cannabis companies have already figured out how to make things green enough to keep brides, grooms, family, and friends happy while also making sure cops don’t roll the party.

“Say you have a venue that doesn’t allow smoking;” one budtender explained. “We can just have all edibles for you instead.”

Other companies also had non-THC, hemp options on hand for wedding guests who don’t smoke, vape, or eat pot, or for out-of-state guests who wouldn’t be allowed to take any sensi souvenirs home with them.

“This one-stop-shop has everything any weed wedding would need,” reporter Macradee Aegerter said about the event.

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