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Find Out Which Pot Strain Matches Your Personality?

Find Out Which Pot Strain Matches Your Personality


Find Out Which Pot Strain Matches Your Personality?

What Pot Strain Matches Your Personality

If you’ve ever taken a Myers Briggs Test before, you might have found it to a bit freaky how true it was. If you haven’t, a Myers Briggs Test is a nifty personality profile that measures how you perceive the world and relate to it. Based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychology Types, there are 16 different variations. So take this test and figure out which pot strain matches your personality.

ISTJ: Sour Diesel

This type is thorough and dependable. Workers that know the value of traditions and loyalty, sour diesel embodies the qualities of the ISTJ quite well. A fast acting strain that takes away pain and mental stress.

ISFJ: Lemon Kush

ISFJs are full of contradictions. They are often said to be introverts with great people skills. Lemon Kush is an earthy hybrid that will uplift you with a euphoric high and stress relief – it can give a lot.

ISTP: Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is an exciting, famed hybrid strain that will leave you feeling productive and creative. ISTPs are rational and creative and love to explore and feel out the world around them. Somewhat similar to the high pineapple express will offer.

ISFP: Northern Lights

A classic body high, northern lights will leave you feeling tingly all over. Trippy and sensual, ISFPs embody this strain’s ability to put the body and mind at ease with an encompassing body high and a mindful calm – relief for depression and stress.


This type is known to be instinctual entertainers, ready to be the life of the party at any time. AK-47’s high can last a while, and will leave you able to socialize, but with a wonderful, spaced out cerebral buzz.

ESTP: Jack Herer

ESTPs tend to be entrepreneurs who live in the moment. They are down to make risky decisions and succeed. This legendary strain will leave you calm and clear-headed, but great at creative pursuits and whatever life throws at you.

ESFJ: Skywalker OG

This type is calm, reliable, and interested in creating harmony. Altruistic cheerleaders, similar to this strain with a Jedi namesake. Skywalker OG has an intense, diesel-like flavor, and offers a strong body high, leaving one tingling all over.

ESTJ: Alaskan Thunderfuck

ESTJs are reliable leaders and organizers. Rational and logical, Alaskan Thunderfuck packs a punch and can help you concentrate. This strain has a piney smell and delivers an intense high as well as a pronounced appetite.

INTJ: Amnesia Haze

This earthy grounded high comes on slowly but packs a punch when it does. INTJs, are steady, logical and confident, just like amnesia haze. The happy uplifting energy this Sativa brings will leave you feeling like a euphoric mastermind.


Organized, insightful and introverted. INFJs are intuitive counselors who seek meaning in connecting ideas, possessions,  and the comforts of everyday life. OG Kush will put your mind at ease, easily relieving symptoms such as ADHD, stress, and migraines with a numbing euphoria.

INTP: Headband

The mental energy and focus that this type has are unreal – Einstein and Carl Jung are a two of the most famous INTPs. This logical type is interested in taking as much time as necessary to solve complex problems. This hybrid will leave you with a tingly feeling on the crown of your head, as well as a relaxed euphoria. De-stressed, and ready to take on anything

INFP: Juicy fruit

INFPs are introverted visionaries. They are guided by virtue, honor, and beauty. Juicy Fruit is a potent strain, with THC levels ranging between 15-20%. The strain smells and tastes fruity, tangy and sweet, and will leave you uplifted, happy, and idealistic.

ENFP: Blue Dream

Spontaneous, flexible and imaginative, ENFPs are relaxed extroverts that are interested in making creative connections. Blue Dream is a legendary strain that relieves stress and delivers a euphoric high – perfect for a curious daydreamer.

ENTP: Purple Haze

ENTPs are thinkers and inventors. Obsessed with creating connections, conversation, and gadgets. Purple haze is a sativa that will put you in, yes, a hazy dreamland perfect for unleashing creativity, complex ideas, and thoughtful conversation.

ENFJ: Trainwreck

Don’t let this pair fool you – ENFJs are not trainwrecks. ENFJs have strong, authentic personalities and are great at putting others at ease in times of need. They are great teachers, counselors, and coaches. Trainwreck will work you over with an astounding high, relieving anxiety, stress, and pain, as well as inspiring some creativity.

ENTJ: White Widow

ENTJs take command, and could rule the world if wanted. Leaders like Bill Gates and FDR count themselves as ENTJs. ENTJs are natural born leaders who excel in the workforce. White widow is an old favorite that will give you euphoric energy to keep the conversation alive. 

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