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Dispensary Adds Free Pizza to Weed Deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday

Dispensary Adds Free Pizza to Weed Deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday
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Dispensary Adds Free Pizza to Weed Deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday

Mt. Hood says it got the idea for free pizza and weed while smoking weed and eating pizza during a marketing brainstorming session.

No longer just a demonstration of gridiron prowess, Super Bowl Sunday has become a display of advertising genius—or the hilarious lack thereof. Super Bowl commercials generate at least as much enthusiasm as the game itself. (Does anyone really even care about watching known cheater Tom Brady play in his ten billionth NFL championship?) But beyond the game, the day is more about getting together with friends and fam and, in the finest American tradition, getting f*cked up while stuffing your face with wings, dips, and of course, pizza. Like, 12.5 million pizzas.

But you know who’s really spiking the football in all departments this Super Bowl Sunday? Mt. Hood Cannabis Company. The Oregon dispensary is adding free pizza to weed deliveries over the entire Game Day weekend. Order a half ounce of flower, and you’ll automatically receive a large pepperoni or cheese pizza delivered right to your door–bong rips not included.

Mt. Hood Cannabis Company Partners with Mogul Mountain Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday Special

A Mt. Hood Cannabis Co. press release opens with the line, “nothing goes better with the Super Bowl than pizza.” True enough. But it also says “nothing goes better with Pizza than Weed.” Even truer. It’s a classic, timeless combination. And a perfect marketing strategy to spread awareness about the launch of Mt. Hood Cannabis Co.’s delivery service.

The truth is, Mt. Hood has been including pizzas in their delivery menu since the beginning. On Thursday and Sundays, the dispensary has Pizza Party! delivery specials. With any order, customers can add a wood-fired pizza to their order, but for a $20 up-charge. On Super Bowl Sunday weekend, from Feb 1 through the Feb 3, the pizza is free. As long as you order a half ounce of flower.

A half ounce is plenty of bud for you and your Game Day buddies to sustain peak-munchies for all four quarters. It may even get you high enough to pick out all the hidden, subliminal messaging in those strange commercials. And it won’t wreck your pocketbook, either, at least not from Mt. Hood. Half ounces top out at $160 for Timewreck, a potent sativa, but go as low as $62 for a bag of generic hybrid Cheese. Considering a pizza delivery would cost $20 or more, that’s a solid deal.

Craft Flower and Craft Pizza Make a Killer Combo

Saturated as Oregon’s flower market is, the rise of the craft cultivator is making it unique among other adult-use states’. But in the competitive market, it takes a little something extra to really make a name for yourself. Mt. Hood’s been doing that before the brain geniuses in their marketing department came up with free pizza. Their budtending staff is led by Oregon Leaf award-winner Fred Littlejohn.

Mt. Hood got its start in December 2017, when Cheryl and Michael Budd—yup…—bought the company Mt. Hood Rec Center from its founders. The Budds say they decided to drop everything and move into cannabis after taking a summer camping trip to Boulder, Colorado to see the Dead and Family. Hanging with their nephew and his partner, and probably smoking tons of tree, they had an epiphany: sell all your worldly possessions and buy a cannabis shop in Oregon. Dreams can come true.

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