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Are We Growing Stronger Weed?

Are We Growing Stronger Weed?


Are We Growing Stronger Weed?

Your parents and their hippy weed might not nearly be able to compare to the cannabis of today. However, with new developments and the mainstreaming of marijuana into our lives, strains are becoming more processed and cultivated to be stronger. So is it true that your parent’s weed ain’t shit compared to more potent weed of today?

It’s human nature to try to continually change and improve something to make it better. This also goes for weed and the cultivating of cannabis today.

Weed today according to Charas Scientific, which is a research lab that looked at the THC potency in weed from today and from 20 to 30 years ago. The study found that THC potency has increased by a factor of three.

The levels of THC in the 1980’s were only around 4 percent at the highest. Today, most strains have upward of 20 percent levels of THC. However, even though the levels increased heavily, they didn’t just make a huge jump. From 1993 to 2000, the levels increased gradually.

One of the reasons for stronger THC potency is to due to how more and more money can be made from stronger weed, which is becoming more legalized. As more legal action comes to marijuana, cultivators are growing stronger strains because they go for a higher price. Back in the 1960’s, everything was pricey merely because of how illegal the plant was.

Even though the potency is used to make money, the added THC and CBD levels are actually more beneficial and medicinal.

Higher levels of CBD, which have increased heavily over the years, can be medicinally used for many ailments and illnesses. CBD can be used for depression, seizure disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety and Alzheimer’s.

These effects are only for the experienced smoker or for someone who needs medicinal help. The real problem with higher levels of of THC and CBD in marijuana strains is the effects it has on first time smokers or on teenagers.

Teenagers are at risk to either smoke too much or inhale too much THC, which their body is not used to. The real risk isn’t of health reasons, like having a heart attack or breathing problems, but by getting anxious or having a panic attack while active.

Panic attacks can be deadly if they are during a moment when attention is needed, like driving or if you are in public.

This is also true with edibles, as well because their THC is also going up. Teens won’t feel effects for at least two hours, and will be more likely to ingest more, causing more panic attacks.

The truth is yes, cannabis and marijuana is getting increasingly stronger. However, the stronger weed can be used beneficially for medicinal uses. For first time users and teenagers, it’s better to take it slow and purposely pick a strain with low THC to avoid sever anxiety.

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