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Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding

Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding


Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding

The Ultimate 420 Wedding

After the first 420 Wedding Expo was hosted by two of the top Colorado cannabis event companies earlier this year, it’s safe to say that weed-themed weddings are becoming normalized. Instead of being wed couples are getting “weeded” in both states with legal marijuana and those without. Some weddings may have pot decorations and joints blazing at every table, but others may want to have a classy budbar or separate room where guests can get high and enjoy the wedding, either way, there are resources to make both happen in 2016.

First cannabis-themed chapel opens in Las Vegas

A few months after the Cannabis Wedding Expo, Las Vegas, which is known for their wacky wedding ceremonies opened up “The Cannabis Chapel.” The chapel is the first cannabis-themed chapel to be opened in Las Vegas, a state with no legal access to marijuana.

Although couples can’t smoke at the chapel, the “weedings” that take place there are celebrating couples love for each other and the important role that cannabis plays in their relationship. With studies revealing that couples who smoke marijuana are less likely to get into any domestic altercations and users reporting more intense orgasms when high, it’s no wonder couples want to celebrate the plants importance to their union even if it means they can’t smoke it. However, if you want to smoke at your wedding, we can help you find out how to make it happen.

Here’s a list of things you should do if you want to have the ultimate 420 wedding:

Host Wedding in a State with Recreational MarijuanaGuide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding

The ultimate 420 wedding has to have consumable weed! If you want to have weed at a wedding without having to run to the car for a stealthy smoke, you’re better off hosting your wedding in one of the four states that recreationally allows marijuana.

This way, all your guests above the age of 21 can legally partake in the “weeding” festivities.

Have a Budtender

Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding
Your budtender will help your guests find the right strains and smoking method best suited for them. Many people at your 420 wedding may be trying pot out for the first time, so it helps to have someone who knows the product to prevent guests from receiving any unwanted side effects from consuming marijuana.

Simply explaining the difference between indica and sativa can help guests decide if they need a lift or need to relax. They can provide edibles or vape pens to guests that can’t or do not want to smoke, and they can even have edibles only if your wedding is a non-smoking venue.

Rent Vape Stations and Ice Bongs

Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding
Yup, this is a thing. Cannabis companies advertised vape station and ice bong rental services during the cannabis wedding expo earlier this year.

As these weddings increase in popularity, more of these services will likely appear.

Pick a Venue that Allows Smoking

Guide to Having the Ultimate 420 Wedding

Select a venue that allows smoking so that guests who need to smoke for medical reasons or those who prefer inhalation when recreationally partaking won’t need to sneak away to do so.

You can also have your budtender arrange to have all edible marijuana products instead.

Enjoy Your ‘Weed’-ing…

With many companies investing in the weed wedding market, the presence of weed at a wedding may become as normal as alcohol. A weed-themed wedding is a nice switch up to the usual booze-fueled celebrations. Alcohol is still served at most weed-themed weddings but be careful with crossfading, you might forget the whole event until you see those embarrassing photos get uploaded the next day.

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