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How To Plan A Weed Wedding

How To Plan A Weed Wedding


How To Plan A Weed Wedding

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be all stress! Here’s how to invite Mary Jane to the start of your marriage.

Wedding planning can be daunting, but what about planning a weed wedding? They say it can take anywhere from 10 months to two years to get everything in order. The venue, the save-the-dates, the invitations, the dresses, the catering…it’s all pretty overwhelming! But if you have the resources and the budget, here’s one more thing to consider when planning your nuptials. If you live in a state where legal recreational cannabis is the law of the land, you can make your special day extra fun by making the event a weed wedding! Now that legalization is spreading, happy couples are already taking advantage to make their wedding the best it can be. Here’s how to jump on the bandwagon.

Hemp Invitations for your weed wedding

How To Plan A Weed Wedding

When you’re planning a weed wedding, why not start from the ground up? Instead of buying a set of traditional invitations, consider using stationery made from hemp. While hemp paper hasn’t quite become mainstream yet, hemp paper invitations are certainly available. Any wedding planner will tell you that while the invitations aren’t the most important part of your wedding, they definitely set the tone for the event, and give your guests an idea of the kind of couple you and your fiancé(e) are. Since you two are obviously environmentally conscious and cool AF, you might as well represent yourselves as such.

Cannabis bar for your weed wedding

How To Plan A Weed Wedding

Most weddings feature open bars, but why not put a twist in an old classic? In states where recreational weed is legal, you can hire a budtender to help get the party started and keep it going. Yes, you read that right. A budtender. Like a bartender, but for weed. Get it? Good. Hiring a budtender for your wedding will give your guests a choice of what kind of cannabis they want to enjoy. It can also help to normalize the use of weed, and lead the way to widespread acceptance of it.

Smoke area for your weed wedding

How To Plan A Weed Wedding

Providing a weed bar is nice, but you should also designate an area for your guests to enjoy it. If your reception is indoors, like in a hotel, it actually might be against policy to smoke inside. Plus, your guests who don’t like weed probably won’t appreciate the second-hand smoke (or scent). To prevent any negativity at your wedding, it’s best to section off a well-ventilated (or outside) space for your ganja-loving guests to do their thing.

Party favors for your weed wedding

How To Plan A Weed Wedding

Everyone loves party grab bags! Make yours unique by including customized rolling papers, lighters, grinders, or pipes. If you’re feeling particularly generous toward the people buying you home goods from your registry, add a joint or two to the gift bags. To keep yourself organized, and to avoid any awkwardness, give your guests the option to disclose whether or not they will be getting high at your wedding by including a “canna-yes” or “canna-no” section on their RSVP card. Keep track of this, and label the gift bags accordingly.

Weed Wedding Bonus: Bachelorette/ bachelor party!

How To Plan A Weed Wedding

Before you say your vows and legally bind yourself to your partner at your weed wedding, it’s traditional to party your face off with your besties. To keep with your theme, plan a weekend-long getaway with your buds to take some edible cooking classes, hit up some dispensaries, or just get stoned in a national park together. Maybe even have a joint party with your fiancé(e) and their friends! The more the merrier, right?

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