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Do NFL Players Have A Pot Problem?

Do NFL Players Have A Pot Problem?


Do NFL Players Have A Pot Problem?

The National Football League, or NFL has an incredibly strict policy that does not allow any professional players to smoke marijuana or use medicinal cannabis. However, as the rate of concussions from injuries is still on the rise, NFL players are smoking pot more and more to relieve pain. Will the NFL reconsider their stance because of this weed problem?

NFL players have been trying to get justice and relief for their pain, physical and emotional. In the past year alone, lawsuits have been filed against 32 teams due to forcing players to take opioids for painkillers. However, this push has led to many players becoming addicted to the painkillers that they are taking because of their symptoms.

This worry of addiction and overdose has led many NFL players to try cannabis to reduce pains or concussions caused by the rigorous game.

Retired players have recently come out and stated that they managed to cope with injuries through pot. Denver Broncos player, Nate Jackson said that he, “never liked the pills and medicated with cannabis.” “Pills” in the statement is a reference to opioids.

It would seem that this would be an easy decision for the NFL. You might wonder why the players can’t smoke on their downtime or not before games, but for medical use? However, the NFL is not backing down.

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, has stated,

“It’s an NFL policy and we believe it’s the correct strategy, for now, in the best interest of our players and the long-term health of our players.” This stance is backed up by the thought that there hasn’t been enough medical research to prove that this could be both beneficial for the player’s health and performance in the game.

However, without regulation, NFL players are still going crazy with the pot.

Atlanta Falcons running back, Jamal Anderson has recently been quoted in saying that,

“It’s at least 60 percent now.” “That’s a bare minimum. That’s because players today don’t believe the stigma that people associate with smoking it. To the younger guys in the league now, smoking weed is a regular thing, like having a beer. Additionally, they know that smoking it helps them with the concussions.”

Even more recently, No. 1 draft hopeful Laremy Tunsil was seen on Twitter ripping a bong in a gas mask minutes before the NFL draft. Showing that the culture of smoking pot by NFL players has changed to something that’s almost a second nature or incredibly laid back.

However, the NFL took offense to the video, and what should have been the NFL number 1 draft pick, was picked 13 overall. In time, more and more pot smoking players might make the NFL change their mind on their rigid stance.

(Photo Credit: Pyromaniac)

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