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Police Department Roasts Teen On Twitter For Posting Weed Vaping Video

Police Department Roasts Teen On Twitter For Posting Weed Vaping Video


Police Department Roasts Teen On Twitter For Posting Weed Vaping Video

Blake Albert’s attempt to troll the cops with a weed vaping video fell apart when the cops trolled back—and the entire thing is hilarious.

It’s nothing new for cops to throw out a little weed-related humor on social media. In fact, it’s kind of become a thing. Usually, it’s just a dad joke, but with a police-themed twist. But police in Lawrence, Kansas recently took to Twitter to troll a local teen after he posted a vaping video—and they pretty well roasted the guy.

Getting Trolled By The Cops

Here’s what happened. On August 18, Blake Albert posted a video to his Twitter account. In it, another teen runs over to an SUV with some sort of official-looking decal on the side. The kid then squats down in front of the vehicle and blows out a cloud of vapor.

It’s not specified in the post, it kind of looks like they could have been vaping weed. Blake tweeted the video with the tag @Lawrence KS_PD. Apparently, Blake thought he and his friend were vaping in front of a cop car.

It looks like they thought they were the ones doing the trolling, but that’s not how it played out.

A short time later, the Lawrence Police Department tweeted a reply. Here’s what they had to say: “I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle ¯\_(ツ)_/.”

As it turns out, that was definitely not a cop car. And Blake ended up getting completely burned by the very people he thought he was trolling.

Blake dug the hole even deeper for himself when he tried to explain himself. “Also to note that was @Slickdog879 who vaped I just recorded it.”

Now he’s got two charges against him: 1) Not a cop car and 2) He just threw his friend under the bus. Nice job, Blake.

The Entire Thing’s Going Viral

Not surprisingly, the Internet ate the whole thing up. In fact, the exchange between Blake and Lawrence PD has started going viral. And that means that Blake is now getting trolled harder than ever.

One person said: “Yes, but ‘also to note’ you’re the one who posted it and tagged the police department, which is what makes it so hilarious.”

Others started asking for “requests.” “Do you do requests, Blake?” somebody tweeted. “Maybe a fire truck, next . . . or perhaps a municipal land tax assessor vehicle.”

Somebody else tweeted: “That’s so gangsta homie! Disrespect the water authority. No agua, no peace!”

But there were also some more sobering reactions to Blake’s social media backfire. May Wilkerson called the original video “white privilege personified, OMFG.” And in a country where people of color are regularly arrested and imprisoned at far higher rates than white folks—for the same crimes—Wilkerson has a point.

Final Hit: Police Department Roasts Teen On Twitter For Posting Weed Vaping Video

In the end, it wasn’t just the police department that roasted Blake Albert. It was pretty much the entire Internet. Maybe he and his friends will be a bit more discreet the next time they puff or vape out in public.

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