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Dope Slopes: Top 420-Friendly Peaks for Skiing and Marijuana

skiing and snowboard marijuana


Dope Slopes: Top 420-Friendly Peaks for Skiing and Marijuana

Skiing and marijuana: the pot gods’ chosen people have to be stoner skiers. You’re telling me it’s a coincidence that the top states for skiing are also the states where recreational marijuana happens to be legal?

Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are the promised lands for pot and snowy peaks. With winter  fast-approaching and skiing and snowboarding more popular than ever, it’s only natural that interest in marijuana skiing vacations is also exploding.

So why not make the best of both worlds and take a marijuana skiing vacation this Winter? Green Rush Daily looked into the dopest slopes for enjoying ganja and gondolas.

Colorado: Skiing and Marijuana

Hopefully you are planning a ski trip to Colorado this year. And since you’re reading this on Green Rush Daily, we assume you would like to get a taste of the finest Colorado marijuana during your trip.

Take note: ski resorts are technically on Federal land, and so it’s still illegal to smoke or possess marijuana on the slopes. Instead, you’ll want to find ski spots that are closest to the best marijuana resources available.

The Denver Metro and Front Range area certainly has the largest concentration of recreational marijuana stores in Colorado.  You may want to consider stocking up before you head into the mountains as you will find the best selection and prices there!

Now here are the best spots for 420-friendly skiing in Colorado! Sick!


Breckenridge is one of the Top 420 Friendly Ski Resorts for Beginners in Colorado. The excellent snow conditions there snow make perfecting parallel turns easy, and the high-speed quad chair will keep you on the slopes practicing and less time waiting. Breckenridge also has challenging ski slopes for advanced skiers. Many local hotels provide ski-in and ski-out access to Breckenridge’s trails, and some are 420 friendly.

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is located in Colorado, and offers some of the lowest-priced packages in the market. Long, wide beginner trails and progressively more difficult skiing can be found in the eastern half. Located near Vail, Copper Mountain shares the high country’s best to offer snow conditions and provides spectacular lift access.

Aspens – Buttermilk 

Buttermilk is part of the Aspen ski resort network. This is one of our nations best resorts. Classes are small and offer personalized instruction  All 43 runs are easy enough for beginners, and once you get out of the glut of beginners at the bottom of the slopes, the well-kept trails offer scenic beauty and excellent skiing.

Crested Butte

Crested Butte Another superb Colorado beginner’s venue, features long, smooth, well-groomed runs on which to practice parallel turns and other skiing techniques. Crested Butte, recently the host of the U.S. Extreme Skiing Championship, offers advanced skiing and 150 acres of novice terrain. You can find discount accommodations and even free skiing at specified times. A popular resort for  420 friendly skiing holiday.

Washington: Skiing and Marijuana

So it is going to be getting cold and snowy in Washington soon and the 420-friendly ski season is once again at hand.

Will it be a bang or bust? Only mother nature can decide. USA Weed has this bit of advice for first timers new to the slopes and/or smokin dope. “First off don’t ski high, it can get you or someone else seriously hurt. And don’t blaze on the hills! That is a no go… ski patrol looks for people like that.” That should tell you that Washington has the same restrictions on marijuana and skiing as Colorado, and both have ski resorts on leased federal lands.

So once again, you’re looking for the best skiing closest to the finest kush on offer. In that case, you’re trying to check out Mt. Baker.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker claims the world record of snowfall in one season, when it got 1,140 inches of snow during the 1998-1999 season. However, Baker is famous for more than its big Cascade Mountain powder dumps. With its challenging “The Chute,” and Gunner’s Bowl, as well as a huge amount of backcountry terrain accessible from several chairlifts, Mount Baker is a favorite among those who like big powder and riding big mountains. For chilling out before and after your day on the slopes, you’ll want to visit the marijuana shop in nearby Maple Falls, which just opened. Lucky you!

Oregon: Skiing and Marijuana

Oregon, unfortunately, is lagging behind Colorado & Washington when it comes to 420-friendly skiing.

Since recreational marijuana took hold only recently, the tourism industry and lawmakers are only beginning to figure out the future of cannabis and recreation in Oregon.

They’ve been worried about the risks of skiing high reported in the media in those places. Remember, it’s technically a criminal act to bring ganja in a ski area, but it’s not a crime to get way high in the ski resorts and towns nearby!


But buzzkills should quit worrying. Regardless of all the new media attention, people have been puffing on lifts and in the woods at resorts here for as long as skiers and snowboarders have been ducking ropes and searching for untracked lines.

Whether it was previously tolerated or ignored, legality hasn’t really created the radical change or controversy that some might expect.

What’s awesome is that there is amazing skiing just minutes from the city of Portland, unquestionably where you can find the best bed in Oregon.

Mount Hood Skibowl

Located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Mt. Hood Skibowl is the largest night ski area in the United States and the closest ski and snowboard area to Portland, Oregon. Ski and puff with a radical view of the city skyline at night! Skibowl features 65 trails – 34 fully lit night runs – spread across 960 acres with a vertical drop of 1,500 feet and a summit elevation of 5,100 feet on Tom Dick Peak.

Check out Marijuana Dispensary Skiing Tours!

Don’t drive dirty! You might consider contacting one of the numerous and affordable marijuana friendly skiing tour services. Colorado marijuana tours, for example, will pick up passengers, stop off at retail marijuana stores, drive customers to resorts, and provide a cannabis friendly ride. As with dispensaries, always read reviews and do your research to find which tour service will best suit your needs.


Understand Ski Resort Marijuana Policies

Each skiing resort has its own marijuana consumption policies.  Last year, several skiers at A-Basin had their ski passes revoked for toking in public. Not cool! However, not every resort will have such a dramatic response.

Wolf Creek Ski Area has stated in years past that their employees are not going after marijuana smokers who are not acting recklessly, and are discreet about their consumption.

With that being said, Forest Service officers will not hesitate in writing you a citation regardless of where you are, which carry a minimum $250 fine, and up to $5000 and half a year in jail.

So if you’re gonna toke on the trails, be chiller than snow about it! And pack your edibles and vapes!

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