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Snoop Dogg Wants You To Name His New High-THC Strain of Weed

Snoop Dogg Wants You To Test His New High-THC Strain of Weed


Snoop Dogg Wants You To Name His New High-THC Strain of Weed

Snoop Dogg

Citrus fruits are a traditional, if old-fashioned, Christmas gift. Stockings used to be stuffed with oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, etc. But Snoop Dogg has something a little bit different in mind with “Tangerine Man,” a strain of cannabis that boasts the highest amount of THC of all cannabis strains.

On Christmas Eve, Snoop will host a testing event at his personal cannabis plantation, allowing marijuana users and enthusiasts to sample his take on the high-THC strain of bud.

The world famous rapper has invested funds in the research of this new strain, and will likely make moves to develop a proprietary version for his personal line of smoke, “Leafs By Snoop.”

Part of the reason for the testing event is to begin the search for the best name for the new strain. In fact, Leafs By Snoop is offering to buy the best name for the new strain off of whoever comes up with it.

More specific information about the “Tangerine Man” strain is currently under wraps. And while participants have been confirmed for the Christmas Eve event at Snoop Dogg’s plantation, the list of invitees is also top secret.

However, Green Rush Daily has confirmed that some volunteers have already been recruited for the test. They will try out the effects of this highly potent marijuana strain first-hand on Christmas eve and beyond.

What is known is that Snoop Dogg is offering a chance to smoke for people from all demographics: there are no restrictions on smoking experience, cannabis use, overall health, age, sex, or anything else.

Test participants will have to provide their services for “free,” however, as there is no information about possible remuneration for the study. Still, the opportunity to research cannabis for Snoop Dogg is a form of payment already! Who could ask for more? Contact and offer new best name!

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