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Spannabis Festival Is This Weekend And Ganja Fans Are Ready

Spannabis Festival Barcelona Spain Cannabis


Spannabis Festival Is This Weekend And Ganja Fans Are Ready

Spannabis Festival

This is a big weekend for the global cannabis scene, like Barcelona, Spain gears up to host the Spannabis Festival, a massive international celebration of all things cannabis.

Although it remains fairly little known in the United States, Spannabis is one of the biggest marijuana festivals in the world. In recent years, the event has consistently attracted tens of thousands of pot enthusiasts.

And those enthusiasts come from all over the world. Last year’s celebration drew people from more than two dozen countries.

This will be the 13th year for the festival, which will run March 11-13.

The event is known for providing a little something for ganja fans of all stripes.

For those interested in learning more about the global cannabis industry—including everything from cultivation to business to law and everything in between—there’s a conference that includes a huge lineup of expert speakers.

For the serious pot smoker, the festival will have tons of products, gear, and paraphernalia to check out.

And for people who just want to hang out and enjoy a little culture, the Spannabis Festival features a full lineup of musicians, bands, and artistic performances.

These kinds of cultural events play an important part in the larger cannabis movement.

It can be easy to get bogged down in police reports about people getting busted with pot. It can also be easy to feel like you’re drowning in nothing but political debates about whether or not cannabis should be legalized.

But festivals like Spannabis are where members of the broad cannabis community can come together and celebrate whatever it is they like about marijuana.

And Spain isn’t the only country to have these types of cannabis celebrations.

There tons of marijuana festivals throughout the U.S. as well. This year, the High Times Cannabis Cup will take place in some states including California, Colorado, Oregon, and more.

And then there are the most local celebrations like Boise Hempfest, Denver 420Fest, and Seattle Hempfest.

Honestly, no matter where you’re at, there’s probably some cannabis festival scheduled near you. The fact that there are so many of these events around the world is evidence of just how widespread marijuana use is. It also shows how many people there are who find something about marijuana worth celebrating.

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