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9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year


9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

Every spring, Jewish people celebrate Passover. It is an important holiday lasting seven to eight days. A special Seder happens on the first night. Throughout the week, Jews avoid eating leavened bread in favor of matzah (unleavened bread) and maror (bitter herbs). And speaking of herbs. Whether you are Jewish or have Jewish friends and family, we have got some fun tips on how to incorporate cannabis into the high holy holiday.

9. Learn: Cannabis May Be Considered Kosher

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

In some religions, consuming cannabis is encouraged. There is even a church in Michigan that lets you smoke weed during services.

Last year, a leading rabbi said that medical cannabis is kosher and thus acceptable for Passover. He recited a blessing over cannabis flowers, and even said they have a “healing smell.”

If food is “kosher,” that means it is acceptable by religious law for Jews to eat. Not every Jewish person keeps kosher, but Passover is an important time to do so.

And now that you know cannabis may be considered kosher, it’s time to get elevated this year during Passover.

8. Make: Homemade Cannabis Matzo Ball Soup

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

Since some consider both cannabis and matzah kosher, you can get “baked” over Passover without leavened bread.

One favorite Jewish dish is delicious matzo ball soup. Want to add weed? All you need to do is add two tablespoons of cannabis-infused coconut oil as the very last soup ingredient.

Bring everything to a low boil. Turn down the heat and let the soup simmer for twenty minutes. Serve and enjoy right away, or store in your fridge for later.

To taste, cook your matzo ball soup with hemp seeds, pepper, parsley, celery, chives, carrots, and garlic. For some added THC, sprinkle in about a gram of ground cannabis nuggets with or without the cannabutter.

7. Try: Smoke Some Kosher Kush

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

Every Jew observes their religion and laws differently. So, if your Jewish friend passes on weed over Passover, do not push. Peer pressure is never cool.

While medical cannabis was deemed kosher by Rabbi Zalmanovich, some Jews may disagree. Plus, there is only one cannabis strain that is officially considered fully kosher.

That would be Kosher Kush. It is the only strain of cannabis that has been blessed by a rabbi. With flavors of herb, lemon, and pine, it is an earthy strain with a pungent smell. Smokers report getting full-body relaxation and relief from symptoms of depression.

6. Learn: Did Ancient Israelites Make Cannabis Oil?

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

Some scholars believe that cannabis played a key role in early Judaism. More specifically, cannabis oil.

Ancient Jews might have used cannabis for textiles and oils for healing and spiritual experiences. In the Old Testament, God instructs Moses to make “kaneh-bosem.” Some scholars interpret that to mean cannabis oil.

Furthermore, some believe that when Moses received inspiration from a “burning bush,” it may be a reference to cannabis.

5. Do: Say A Blessing Over Cannabis

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

There is no official Jewish blessing for bud, and the proper cannabis blessing remains controversial within the community.

Is weed considered a spice? A fragrant smell? Is it akin to tobacco? Each Jew must decide for themselves which blessing works best.

You might choose to say the blessing over fragrant grasses before taking a puff. If you are enjoying weed in your food, you could recite a blessing before eating.

Either way, Jewish blessings are an important way to give thanks and take a moment to really appreciate what you have in life. And if you appreciate bud, Passover could be the perfect time to express a little gratitude for ganja.

4. Make: A THC-Infused Seder.

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

A Seder is a ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover. Incorporate cannabis into your own Seder by passing around a pipe filled with kosher cannabis, serving THC-infused matzo ball soup, lighting cannabis candles, and adding ashtrays in between place settings.

You will make your guests feel as relaxed as possible during this holy day. You can even decorate Seder plates and cups with paintings of cannabis leaves for a fun weed theme.

3. Learn: Tell Passover Stories In A Smoke Circle

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

What could be a better way to “pass on” religious traditions than by puffing and passing with friends?

Gather a group around and pass a pipe or joint filled with kosher cannabis, and have one or more people read or recite some favorite Passover tales. A smoke circle is also the perfect place to tell some great Passover jokes.

A Seder can last one to several hours, and is always followed by a big, festive meal. If guests are consuming cannabis while listening and reciting blessings, they’ll be sure to be extra hungry by dinnertime.

2. Do: Enjoy A Glass Of Cannabis Wine

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

Wine is an important part of the Passover Seder. It is essential that kosher wines be served over the holiday.

These are made with real cane sugar instead of corn syrup. They are also free of any grains or contact with grains.

Typically, to be considered truly kosher, a Jew who observes the Sabbath must oversee the entire winemaking process. Why not incorporate cannabis into your wine this Passover?

Also known as “green wine” or “tincture,” cannabis-infused wine is nothing new. However, it has yet to become widely available across the country.

But if you are lucky enough to live in California and possess a medical cannabis license, you can get “Canna Vine.” It is the state’s first commercially available wine infused with THC, created by the Verdad Wines winery.

Creating your own cannabis wine requires cannabis leaves and stalk, and it’s a bit more complicated. If you can’t get your hands on some, we recommend pairing the perfect strain and type of kosher wine.

1. Make: Chocolate Cannabis Kosher Brownies For Dessert

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Passover This Year

After all of the wine, matzah, and gefilte fish you can manage, your guests will love you for baking some delicious chocolate cannabis brownies for dessert.

You can make these delicious brownies as you normally would, but for Passover, use matzoh cake meal instead of flour.

Substitute cannabis oil for regular cooking oil, or use cannabutter in lieu of regular butter.

Remember, as when making any edibles, to use weed from safe and trusted sources. Pace yourself and do not over-eat, especially if you are new to the experience.

Effects of edibles usually last longer than smoking or vaping, with a more gradual onset.

Happy Passover!

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