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What All Ladies Should Know About Cannabis And The Big O

What All Ladies Should Know About Cannabis And The Big O


What All Ladies Should Know About Cannabis And The Big O

Yes, we all know that cannabis can make you feel a little less inhibited and more open to the thought of sexy times. But did you know about the ultra-intense effects marijuana can have on your orgasm?  The results will ultimately change your mind about smoking before becoming intimate.

All women know that it is incredibly difficult to orgasm during sex, true. According to facts, about 1 in 3 women find that it’s hard to orgasm just by penetration or clitoral stimulation alone. That’s not even half of sexually active women!

Big O blockers can come from being uncomfortable, not enough build up, or just not feel in the right moment. Even when you do have that orgasm, the best you can describe it as is, “ugh.”

However, smoking cannabis has been shown to create longer and more intense orgasms for a lady.

The female orgasm without smoking is extremely hard to make last. One wrong move down there and the whole effort is completely ruined.

However, the constant feeling created by smoking cannabis triggers receptors in the brain that are otherwise not stimulated during sex. These receptors are linked to pleasure and give off, “tactile sensations and general euphoria.”

Some women also can’t reach a good O because they’re not “turned on” or wet enough. This biological reaction comes from not being sexually excited, or, just by the brain’s natural stress.

The receptors that are triggered by smoking and their effects also prove that the “cotton vagina” theory is completely wrong. This theory is the idea that smoking weed creates a dry and puffy sensation in the vagina, like “cotton mouth.”

There is absolutely no correlation between mouth dryness, and ahem, vagina dryness. In fact, a 2009 survey that asked 4,299 women who smoked found no significant sign of vaginal dryness or anything that would be considered a “sexual problem.”

So take the plunge and put some cannabis in the drawer next to your bed (i.e. the sex drawer). There are more options than you think.

Try smoking some of Karyn Wagner’s Sexxpot cannabis, which was created as the female foreplay weed and is 14 percent THC, a lower amount to give you just the right sensation of pleasure. Or if you want to start off slow, try making some Cannabis lube

This ensures that you are picking your strain, level of THC, and are taking complete control over your cannabis induced sex time. Get it ladies!

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