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If You’re A 90’s Kid, Smoke Like One

If You're A 90's Kid, Smoke Like One


If You’re A 90’s Kid, Smoke Like One

Being a 90’s kid is the worst. The forgotten generation is smack dab in the middle of old days and the technological revolution. To deal with the stress of being part of the last generation, take a break and take a puff of some strains. Word up.

As a nineties kid, you now belong to the 9 to 5 work cycle which can be exhausting and put a drain on your upbeat attitude. To de-stress from working for, “the man” relax with a few puffs of Brand X, (get it?)

Brand X is perfect to alleviate any stress, depression or any anxiety. This super dominant indica has almost an unheard of THC level, usually leveling out at about 23 to 28 percent. The immediate effects of this strain will give you a short buzz, and they completely knock you out. (Mama said knock you out! Too much?)

Brand X is for people that want to experience amazing deep sleep or for individuals who suffer from insomnia. These effects will hit you instantaneously, making the stress simply melt away.

90’s kids also need to step their game up when it comes to being creative. You’re competing with the rise of technology and Silicon Valley startups. For a creative mindset, we recommend Master Yoda.

Master Yoda, like Yoda, is perfect for coming up with a business savvy or creative idea that will compete with all these youngsters out there. This strain relaxes both the mind and the body, creating zero stress and a creative outlook on life.

MY is perfect for any nineties kids that struggles with depression or suicidal thoughts because it offers stress relief while still invigorating the mind. This strain is ideal for a nighttime buzz sitting with friends talking about your latest ideas.

Finally for any nineties kids that want to remember their childhood, bring it back to edibles for the best nostalgic experience of all time.

To completely overload, try Moonrock Brownies because of their simply put, F***ING ridiculous amount of THC. These brownies clock in at about 51 percent.

First, check out how to make the moonrocks, here. This will allow you to combine your kief, hash oil, and nugs to create an utterly mind-blowing effect.

Follow the directions and in about eight hours you will have the most nineties throwback brownies you’ve ever seen or tasted. Be warned, the effects will be ridiculously more intense than what you had in high school or middle school, but you need it. Being a 90’s kid is so hard.

So sit back, eat an edible, and play Nirvana while talking about how you wish you had Pop Rocks.

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