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Anthony Anderson Weed-Filled Celebrity Golf Tournament

Anthony Anderson Weed-Filled Celebrity Golf Tournament


Anthony Anderson Weed-Filled Celebrity Golf Tournament

Anthony Anderson

Comedian and actor Anthony Anderson has come up with a way to breathe new life into the sport of golf: play it while also getting high. But his version of the game isn’t just about showing up at the first tee already stoned and then hacking your way through 18 holes. It’s more of a process.

Anderson described his newly invented hobby last night when he was a guest on Conan.

Apparently, there’s an elite group of Hollywood stars who get together with Anderson to play what they call the Brownie Cup.

As Anderson explained it, every year he plays a special round of golf with Don Cheadle, George Lopez, and Cheech Marin.

The first few holes are more or less your standard golf fare. But by the time they’re halfway through, the group of big-name celebrities takes a break to elevate their golf game to new “highs.”

“We play the first nine holes sober,” Anderson told Conan.

“And a couple of us have cataracts and ailments, so we have prescriptions for things. At the eighth green we take a special brownie, and we ingest it. And then we have two shots of tequila.”

“And then we play the next nine holes completely wasted.”

Apparently, playing golf high can reveal a lot about how well a person can handle their ganja. Anderson had some surprising things to say about who out of the group functions the best while stoned off their ass.

“Cheech Marin from Cheech and Chong. You would think he would be able to hold on to a weed brownie,” Anderson said.

“Oh no. He cannot handle his THC. Cheech of Cheech and Chong is a preschooler compared to what we do.”

It sounds like there might be a little stoner rivalry going on here. Forget who scores the best on the links, Anderson wants to know who can handle the greenest.

Conan’s show has become something of a regular for all sorts of crazy, cannabis related segments and conversations.

Last month, he had Dr. Jennifer Berman on his show. Dr. Berman is a sex expert, and she explained to all of Conan’s female viewers how to use cannabis lube to “get your clitoris high.”

And before that, Conan found himself driving around L.A. with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. It wasn’t long before the group was laughing hysterically in a rolling hotbox.

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