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Anyone Else Think Fidget Spinners Are Dumb AF?

Anyone Else Think Fidget Spinners Are Dumb AF?


Anyone Else Think Fidget Spinners Are Dumb AF?

Fidget Spinners are the latest weird thing to be trending on the internet these days (other than the men’s romper, of course). While it will most likely be a forgotten fad within the next few months, it’s next to impossible to disregard its strange popularity in the present.

Despite being an internet sensation, there’s no question that the fidget spinner is potentially one of the most useless inventions ever created. It’s like someone tried to make the next yo-yo, but failed in spectacular fashion. While they may be cheap in price and relatively easy to use, again, they’re essentially useless. Sure, it may be fun to get stoned and play with it for a little, but in reality, ANYTHING is fun if you’re super duper baked. Sitting in darkness for four hours feels like trip to Disney world if you’re high enough.

It’s hard to argue that its viral popularity has all of us deep thinking stoners wondering: are we missing something here?

What are Fidget Spinners?

Anyone Else Think Fidget Spinners Are Dumb AF?

They’re ultra-lame that’s what. But in all seriousness, let’s get into detail about what exactly the quirky invention is.

Well, that isn’t too hard of an objective, considering the item pretty much does nothing. For starters, all spinners have a central, button-like core in the middle. Typically, there are two or three paddle-shaped blades protruding out of said core. You squeeze the middle of the core, flick the blades with your fingers and it starts spinning.That’s literally it. Flick, rinse, repeat till your little heart desires.

Again, are we freaking missing something here?

Varying opinions on Spinners

While the toy obviously isn’t made for adults, that hasn’t stopped many of them from playing around with the gadget and taking their “talents” to the internet. For example, peep this guy, who considers himself a “professional fidgeter.”

Sure, he can do a few tricks with them. But are those really even tricks? The dude is literally just placing the toy on a variety of objects and letting those blades do their thing.

In terms of children’s use, the jury is kind of split on whether or not they’re actually good for kids. Many schools have already banned the use of fidget spinners amongst their students, citing it as a distraction for learning. And while it’s never a bad thing for kids to play with toys, it’s hard to argue that there’s not much use of the imagination going on.

It’s pretty much just a mindless way to pass time, to say the least. And not to mention the potential dangers of the toy, considering the fact that it is in fact, a kid’s toy equipped with sharp, spinning metal blades.

However, staunch supporters of the spinners argue the toy can calm special needs students, ease stress, and help treat common disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. While the jury is still out in the mental health department, there’s no denying the toy has a pretty divisive fanbase, to say the least.

Although it remains to be seen whether or not the fidget spinner can sustain its incredible popularity for a prolonged period of time like the hula hoop, yo-yo, or hacky-sack, there’s no doubt the strange object has a pretty intense following at the moment. However, for us stoners, it’s a pretty big no-brainer.

Fidget spinners are dumb AF.

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