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The Next Viral App Is About Cannabis

The Next Viral App Is About Cannabis


The Next Viral App Is About Cannabis

A viral app called Hemp Inc. could be the next big landmark in marijuana’s explosive rush into the mainstream. The game is something like a cross between Sims and Farmville.

In it, players get to build a character and then use that character to go through the entire process of growing, producing, marketing, and selling cannabis in a dispensary.

Along the way players get to interact with a huge variety of cannabis strains and products. The game will also include real-world cannabis brands and companies to make the playing experience even more relevant.

And while the game looks like it will be a fun and interesting way to interact with the broad world of cannabis culture, Hemp Inc. is also poised to become a big deal in all sorts of other ways.

To begin with, Hemp Inc. could be a game changer in the world of mobile gaming. Experts are already predicting that it could be the next viral game—something along the lines of Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, or Angry Birds.

And since the mobile game market is now a global space pulling in right around $25 billion every year, going viral is a big deal.

Hemp Inc. could also be huge for the world of legal cannabis, giving players a chance to interact with the cannabis industry right on their phones.

As marijuana becomes legal in more places around the world it’s becoming much more commonplace and socially acceptable.

The legal cannabis industry is helping to speed up the process even more. Although the industry is still young, it’s already pulling in billions every year. And experts predict the legal cannabis market will top $22 billion by 2020.

When Hemp Inc. is finally released it could help take the world of legal cannabis one step deeper into the mainstream.

The game is being developed by HKA Digital Studios. And while there hasn’t been a whole lot of information released so far, the company did publish a YouTube video as a little sneak peek of what’s in store.

HKA’s Chairman and CEO Danny Hammett is also using social media to start stirring up interest for the game.

“Stay tuned for what’s next,” he wrote on his LinkedIn page.

“We will be launching our first mobile title shortly and it will be a historic milestone in mobile gaming and social/political genre.”

Here’s a peek at what the game will look like:


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