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Bieber Raps About Weed In New Diplo Song and It’s Nowhere to be Found

Justin Bieber Raps About Weed In New Diplo Song and It's Nowhere to be Found


Bieber Raps About Weed In New Diplo Song and It’s Nowhere to be Found

“Bankroll” Was Removed Suddenly from SoundCloud

On Thursday May 11th, Diplo released the track “Bankroll,” featuring Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and Rich the Kid. Social media blew up with reactions about Justin Bieber’s rap verse. And it was lit. Youtuber CarnivalDeezy said, “I’m not gonna lie that wasn’t that bad…JB had the best verse because he had the best flow.”

JB’s rap verse mentions smoking weed. “If you don’t smoke weed baby so wha?” Of course, it’s the best verse. Likewise, Youtuber’s HxS Gang reacted well to the track, jamming out to Bieber’s rap verse. These reaction videos give a sense that the internet truly enjoyed Justin Bieber’s biggest rap debut.

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, “Bankroll” was removed from SoundCloud and can no longer be found on the internet after May 15th.

Diplo has given no reason as to why the trap-rap tune was removed so swiftly. And it appeared many people were enjoying the track. So, what happened? Well, Diplo found out the hard way that the internet loves to hate Justin Bieber. The removal of the track directly followed a weekend of Diplo retweeting fan’s comments on how terrible “Bankroll” is. One retweet said, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard, @diplo @justinbieber @youngthug @richthekid and everyone else who was involved.” Another read, “2diplo you, JB, Young thug, Rich the kid, lol WORST SONG OF THE YEAR SQUAD RIGHT HERE.”

The repetitive beat and flow of the trap-rap tune is indeed catchy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to knock everyone off their feet.

Some people on the internet claim the track was recorded in 2014, teased in 2015, and then release a few days ago (this statement is not proven as fact). Only to be taken down a few days later? Talk about the biggest musical tease of all time. Of all time, Kanye.

As of yet, no one has addressed why the track has been removed. That being said, Diplo was unable to wipe the track from the world wide web completely. Clips of the track can be heard from Youtubers’ reactions to the release. And all we want is to hear Baby Biebs rap about weed some more.

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