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The Brand New Season Premiere Of ‘Bong Appetit’ Looks Dope AF

The Brand New Season Premiere Of 'Bong Appetit' Looks Dope AF


The Brand New Season Premiere Of ‘Bong Appetit’ Looks Dope AF

Bong Appetit’s season just premiered. They’re getting high with former NFL players on this weeks episode.

The show Bong Appetit which features all kinds of cannabis-infused cooking is returning on September 14th. Fortunately, the new season premiere is already online for free. Fans of the NFL will like this one. A cannabis-infused meal was prepared for former professional athletes who now use cannabis to improve their workout routines. Host Abdulla Saeed and the Bong Appetit team learn how weed can benefit a workout.

High Exercise

The Brand New Season Premiere Of 'Bong Appetit' Looks Dope AF

In one Bong Appetit scene, you can see Green Rush Daily’s own strain specialist, Ry Prichard running through a field while ripping a portable e-nail. Ry and host Abdullah were on a hike while learning about the endocannabinoid system. One former athlete, Eden Britton showed them how he uses cannabis in his workout routine. In fact, he is a current cannabis entrepreneur that incorporates weed into his workout routine. He likes to rub cannabis topicals on his joints to reduce inflammation. CBD and THC come both offer an array of benefits that stimulate the body and mind. THC is more of the mind so it can help with focus and motivation. CBD benefits the body by reducing swelling.

Athletes use weed to help with focus, endurance, and inflammation. They learned that a “runners high” is the bodies natural way of activating the endocannabinoid system. So weed and exercise are more closely connected than people would assume.

Former Professional Athletes Using Weed

The Brand New Season Premiere Of 'Bong Appetit' Looks Dope AF

All of the guests were former athletes who once played in the NFL. In fact, Ry brought out a giant “super bowl” for them all to smoke together. The guest chef is Melissa D’Elia who says 80 percent of her clients are professional athletes. Ry Prichard picked out live resin and weed strains for the meal.

11 Year NFL veteran and cannabis activist Todd Herremans smoked weed recreationally all through college until he got into the NFL. He could feel the difference after cannabis was taken away from him. Without it, he was suffering more from the same type of training.

Eugene Monroe is another former professional of the NFL that is now a cannabis entrepreneur. He likes to dab before and after working out at the gym. He started off with edibles, saw how much it helped him get through work outs and now getting high is a regular part of his routine.

All of the former athletes getting high on set believe current NFL players should have access to the medicine they had to retire to enjoy. Many NFL players suffer from brain injuries that cannabis can heal.

Season Premiere Of Bong Appetit

If you’re going to watch this episode high we hope you have snacks on deck. The cannabis infused Korean BBQ wings are mouth-watering. One of the players claims it was the best wing he’s ever had. The more we watch this show the more we realize everybody smokes weed, including athletes.

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