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These Guys Went Fishing And Ended Up Hooking Weed Instead

These Guys Went Fishing And Ended Up Hooking Weed Instead


These Guys Went Fishing And Ended Up Hooking Weed Instead

There are a bunch of places you might go if you’re looking to score some weed: a dispensary, a friend, your dealer. Probably not the ocean. But for a handful of lucky fishermen, the ocean ended up being the best place to go fishing for weed.

Take, for example, this story. @John_luceee told his tale of hooking some sticky icky over Twitter. He tweeted: “I went on a fishing trip w my dad and sister, didn’t catch any fish but we caught a 5 lb brick of weed.”

As you can see from the pictures, he posted it looks like they somehow managed to snag a beautiful fat bundle of ganja. But judging by the last picture, it doesn’t like they smoked any of it.

Instead, it looks like they handed the whole thing over to the Coast Guard—that is unless they snagged two bricks and only told them about one!

Finders Keepers

And this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. On May 31 a fishing boat captain named Theophile Bourgeois was walking around an island off the coast of Louisiana with some clients. As they walked along the beach, they came across a rectangular bundle wrapped up in plastic. It looked like it had just washed up from the ocean.

When they bent down to inspect it, Bourgeois immediately knew it was cannabis. He turned the bundle of weed over to local police.

A very similar thing happened last summer, again just off the coast of Louisiana. Last July a fisherman from Tennessee headed out for a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. While out on the boat he saw what he thought was a couch cushion floating around on the water.

The cushion eventually drifted right up to his boat. But when he hauled it in he discovered that it wasn’t a couch cushion. It was a 10-pound bag of cannabis.

The man took the bag of weed and called his friend who works in law enforcement. The friend told him to hand it over to local authorities. The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office subsequently said the bag was filled with $25,000 worth of marijuana.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just an Eastern U.S./Gulf Coast thing. Fishermen on the West Coast also have a chance of hooking some cannabis. In his book Incredible—and True!—Fishing Stories, Shaun Morey, describes fishing trips that ended up hooking more weed than fish.

“I’ve personally come across two bales of marijuana while fishing the Sea of Cortez,” he wrote. “Both finds were quickly returned to the water.”

He apparently didn’t want to mess with whoever might be looking for those floating bundles of weed. Next time you need to refill your stash, maybe you should think about booking a fishing trip. You might find the haul of a lifetime.

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