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Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?


Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

He won us over as the lovable prankster Jim Halpert all those years ago. We just have one question: does John Krasinski smoke weed?

You’re probably wondering: Does John Krasinski smoke weed? After playing Jim Halpert on The Office for about ten years, John Krasinski is back in the limelight as the star of the new thriller movie A Quiet Place. He’s definitely one of the most recognizable Hollywood stars anywhere. But is he taking advantage of California’s legal cannabis? But does John Krasinski smoke weed?

Who is John Krasinski?

Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

John Krasinski was born on October 20, 1979, in Boston. He was reportedly involved in acting throughout his childhood, playing the role of Daddy Warbucks in his sixth-grade production of “Annie.”

Interestingly, he went to high school with B.J. Novak, who would eventually become one of Krasinski’s co-stars on The Office. When Krasinski and Novak were seniors in high school, Krasinski starred in a comedy play written by Novak.

After high school, Krasinski established himself in the acting scene when he graduated from Brown University with a degree in theatre arts. From there, he studied acting at the National Theater Institute and the Royal Shakespeare Company in England.

He first broke into Hollywood in 2000 when he interned as a scriptwriter on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Krasinski became a bona fide star in 2005 when he landed the hugely popular role of Jim Halpert in The Office.

In addition to acting, Krasinski is also a writer and director. He periodically helped write and direct episodes of The Office.

Along with television, he’s also been in a number of films. Most recently, Krasinski made headlines for his successful new film A Quiet Place. He wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, and was also one of its Executive Producers.

Puff or Pass?

Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

OK so on to the original question: Does John Krasinski smoke weed? We dug around and here’s what we found.

For starters, there is a scene in the film It’s Complicated where Krasinski’s character reluctantly takes a hit. In the scene, his character is offered a joint. He first turns it down, but then quickly changes his mind and takes a toke.

That’s all great, but it doesn’t tell us anything about John Krasinski himself. In fact, the few sources we could find directly contradicted one another.

On one hand, a news site called “The Quadrangle” claims to have “received and confirmed a leaked list of celebrities who smoke marijuana.” John Krasinski shows up on this list. But beyond the site’s own statement, there’s no verification that this list is at all accurate.

On the other hand, celebrity news site “Taddlr” rates Krasinski’s smoking habits as: “No, never.”

Final Hit: Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

Does John Krasinski Smoke Weed?

From what we can see, Krasinski hasn’t explicitly addressed whether or not he partakes. And the few sources that attempt to answer that question are completely inconsistent.

Will we ever get a definitive answer to this burning question?

At best, we can say that he looked pretty confident taking a hit in It’s Complicated. But he’s also a great actor, so this tiny clue is nothing solid enough to give us a clear answer.

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