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Wiz Khalifa Dives Into The Business Of Weed While Sampling Hot Sauce

First We Feast/Youtube


Wiz Khalifa Dives Into The Business Of Weed While Sampling Hot Sauce

Wiz Khalifa giving us a taste of some of his weed knowledge.

Wiz Khalifa is a name that makes most people think about smoking weed. But while many consider the rapper just your classic-stoner type, he’s actually a savant when it comes to the cannabis business. In fact, Wiz is a full-blown marijuana entrepreneur. Between his own custom line of rolling papers, his own custom strain, and aspirations towards a line of cannabis-infused drinks, Khalifa is pretty in-touch with the ins-and-outs of the biz.

Khalifa recently became another big name to take the vaunted Hot Ones challenge, courtesy of First We Feast. While the main blaze might have been the firey chicken wings, Khalifa also displayed some of his patented weed knowledge for host Sean Evans. After all, it’s always a good time when Wiz Khalifa dives into the business of weed.

Thoughts On CBD

The first question Evans asked the Wiz was pretty straightforward.

“Can you give us an idiot’s guide to this CBD craze that nobody will shut the fuck up about?”

“It’s really cool because they take the THC out of the weed,” Khalifa explained. “There’s different components in pot that affect your body, THC is the one that gives you the effect that you feel high, and CBD, or cannabinoids, that’s the health benefits.”

“It’s good for sleep, it’s good for reducing pain, “he added.

The Future Of Cannabis Consumption

Wiz Khalifa Dives Into The Business Of Weed While Sampling Hot Sauce

Wiz bites into a wing dabbed with hot sauce. (First We Feast/Youtube)

Although it’s hard to picture Wiz Khalifa NOT consuming his cannabis through a joint, the rapper is actually pretty confident that the actual act of smoking will soon be a thing of the past.

Well, to a certain extent.

When Evans brought up the wide array of non-smokeable pot products on the market today, Wiz was quick to admit it was the future of cannabis. However, he stopped short of saying it would be extinct.

“I feel like that what the market is these days,” Wiz said. “Trying to get stoned on the low, as opposed to like, just smoking a joint.”

He added, “I feel like in the future smoking pot is going to be, like, really old school, and ingesting it in all these different, other ways is going to be the way to really get high.  ”

Smoking With Snoop

If there’s anyone more iconic, in terms of being a “weed rapper” than Wiz, it’s the true OG Snoop Dogg. Like Khalifa, Snoop Dogg is a stoner-turned-cannabis connaisseur and has his hand in a couple different business ventures.

But when it comes to a good old-fashioned roll off, Wiz admitted who was the better joint roller.

He rolls faster than me,” he said. “He definitely rolls faster, and more efficient.”

However, Wiz thinks he’s got the old man beat in one major department: lung capacity.

“I got the gold medal, probably, just on lungs,” he said. “I smoke joints, I do bongs, I do dabs and all that.”

Wiz adds that Snoop will also do all of those things but only to hang with him. Not on his own time.

Making A THC-Infused Hot Sauce

Wiz Khalifa Dives Into The Business Of Weed While Sampling Hot Sauce

Wiz getting hit by the heat wave. (First We Feast/Youtube)

Now, what would a Hot Ones challenge featuring Wiz Khalifa be without a segment on making a THC-Infused hot sauce?

Evans asked Khalifa, a skilled marketer in his own right, what his own personal sauce would be like, and what he would call it.

“It would probably be like one of these sweeter ones,” Wiz answered.

“It would be called Sweet Fuck.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Wiz Khalifa dives into the business of weed. For the full interview, check out the video below.

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