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Dog Brings Home a Pound of Weed After Going For A Walk

Dog Brings Home a Pound of Weed After Going For A Walk


Dog Brings Home a Pound of Weed After Going For A Walk

Dog Finds Weed

One Mississippi canine has taken his fetch game to a whole other level. He went out for a walk, and came back home with a baggie filled with weed. Nearly one pound of weed, to be exact.

At first, the pup’s owners thought that their dog had simply dragged in some interesting trash. The dog was known to bring home different treasures from the trash for his owners.

Taking a closer look, however, the doggie’s master noticed something odd. The bag appeared to be filled with a green, leafy substance. It smelled faintly of marijuana.

Some might say schwag weed is as good as trash. But one’s man treasure is another man’s — er, dog’s — treasure.

If the pup had a cooler owner, he might have been rewarded for his excellent tastes in anonymous plastic bags. Apparently, this dog-owner wasn’t interested in the good time his pup just dropped in his lap.

Instead, the the dog’s owner ratted him out to the police!

Would you get mad at your dog if it brought home thousands of dollars worth of cannabis? Even if it was a bag of crappy weed? Probably not!

The homeowner called the Jones County Sheriffs Office in Laurel, Mississippi, to report the baggie he initially thought was garbage. (He suspected it was pot, prompting him to call the cops.)

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that narcotics deputies were dispatched to a home Saturday.

According to authorities said that deputies recovered a bit less than a pound of weed.

Despite hours of intense questioning, the puppy refused to tell police where he got the bag of grass. The investigation in Laurel remains open.

Luckily, the pup didn’t get into the pound of weed and sample a bit of it himself. (Or maybe he did: there was just a bit less than a pound when the authorities showed up.)

More and more reports of pets with cannabis poisoning are coming in as the legal edibles business is expanding around the country.

Dogs can suffer some pretty devastating effects from eating a pound of weed. While it isn’t likely to kill your dog, cannabis will turn it into a half-comatose, dazed-and-confused mess of fur.

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