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Hotboxing The London Eye On Video

Caught Hotboxing The London Eye On Film


Hotboxing The London Eye On Video

The London Eye Ferris Wheel became the site of the world’s most amazing smoke session after a group of eight guys decided that hotboxing one of the ride’s passenger pods was a brilliant idea.

The best part is that the entire thing was caught on film. Now everybody can witness what is probably the craziest hotbox ever.

In the video, which has been published to YouTube, the guys are shown stepping into a passenger pod on the massive Ferris wheel that has become a landmark on the London skyline.

Once on board, the guys waste no time getting down to business.

As soon as their pod is off the ground, they all light up, and by the time they reach the top of the Ferris wheel their pod is basically a giant cloud of smoke.

In the video, the guys are shown dancing, singing, and generally having a good time. And of course, they’re smoking joint after joint after joint.

Obviously, this was not intended to be a secret sesh. Hotboxing a passenger pod on the London Eye is probably the most visible place in the entire city to get high.

But enjoying a little ganja out in public seems to be one of the main objectives of the entire thing.

People in the line down below, as well as other people riding the Ferris wheel, laughed and took pictures of the men in the smoke-filled pod.

Despite being so open and obvious about what they were doing, the guys got away without ever being bothered by any law enforcement.

When they reached the bottom of the Ferris wheel, they simply stepped off and went on their way.

In the few minutes those guys were riding the Ferris wheel, they burned so much green that we wouldn’t be surprised if the next group of passengers got a contact buzz of their own.

After watching this amazing and hilarious video, we’ve definitely got a new goal to add to our cannabis bucket list. Hotboxing the London Eye gives a whole new meaning to the term “getting high.”

This has got to be the best possible way to see London—what could be cooler than puffing a little green while riding more than 400 feet above the River Thames?

Full video hotboxing London Eye

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