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Hiker to Obama: “Legalize it on your way out!” (video)

Hiker to Obama: "Legalize it on your way out!" (video) - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Hiker to Obama: “Legalize it on your way out!” (video)

People often go on hikes to get away from things, to escape the traffic, noise, stress, frustrations, and routines of day to day life. For many, hiking is a good way to get out and enjoy some peace and quiet.

None of this really works, though, if you’re the President of the United States.

According to The Huffington Post, while spending some time on a short vacation in Hawaii, President Obama and his family hiked the well-known Koko Head Crater Trail.

The route infamously carries hikers up 1,048 stairs over a 1,208-foot elevation gain to the top of the volcano crater.

If the Obama family was hoping for a quiet hike, they were out of luck. Their entire trip up and down the volcano ended up being documented by other hikers in the form of selfies, cell phone movies, and Vines.

Not surprisingly, all these photos and videos immediately started circulating around the social media universe.

In what has to be the single best selfie produced on the trail that day, a guy using his cell phone camera was apparently not content to just get some video of the President hiking down the trail—he also wanted to give him some important legislative advice.

In the short snippet, President Obama tells hikers, “take care guys, appreciate you guys.”

In response, the man filming says, “thanks for your service Mr. President. Legalize it on your way out.”

This is definitely some good advice that Obama should think seriously about.

So far, his administration hasn’t officially changed its stance on marijuana, which is summarized on the White House’s website:

“The Administration steadfastly opposes legalization of marijuana and other drugs because legalization would increase the availability and use of illicit drugs, and pose significant health and safety risks to all Americans, particularly young people.”

In a move that many in the cannabis community see as a step toward potentially changing this stance, the federal government recently told the Supreme Court to not involve itself in Nebraska’s and Oklahoma’s attempts to sue Colorado for its cannabis legalization laws.

As summarized by Green Rush Daily’s Drew Jameson, this move represents presidential support of “States that have legalized cannabis on their own.” Obama’s directive ultimately “defends the State’s right to their own jurisdiction” when it comes to marijuana legislation.

Hopefully, Obama takes the advice of his fellow hiker and starts thinking seriously about letting up on anti-marijuana laws.

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