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Planet Snoop Is Actually Happening

You Need to Watch Planet Snoop the Next Time You're High - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Planet Snoop Is Actually Happening

Planet Snoop

The godfather of cannabis is at it again, and this time, he’s made a hilarious YouTube video called “Planet Snoop.” The short video runs less than two minutes long, but it needs to be at the very top of your list for things to do the next time you’re high.

This video has already made your next sesh a thousand times more hilarious. Trust us.

Planet Snoop is a follow-up to Snoop Dogg’s earlier series, “Plizzanet Earth,” which ran as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

In both Plizzanet Earth and the newer Planet Snoop, the rapper takes a crack at narrating some wildlife footage. And of course, Snoop’s stoned off his ass the entire time.

Snoop’s latest work as a narrator focuses on a weird fight between a squirrel and a snake.

Obviously flying high, Snoop’s completely confused as to how this particular matchup ever even became a thing. Snoop thinks the snake’s got an automatic victory, but then things get weird.

Enough spoiler alerts. Watch the video yourself:

It’s good to see Snoop getting back into the nature footage narrating game.

Plizzanet Snoop was such a huge success that in January someone started a petition to get Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of “Planet Earth.”

In just a couple weeks, the petition had more than 50,000 signatures.

Some highlights from his Plizzanet Earth stint include being profoundly impressed by a gang of otters that pick a fight with a crocodile, mistakenly calling tree frogs “geicos,” and narrating a thrilling chase between a snow leopard and some mountain goat.

More than probably anyone else, Snoop’s managed to use his deep love of cannabis to fuel all sorts of projects.

Obviously, rap is what got him started, and his music often serves as an enthusiastic celebration of marijuana.

Since becoming one of the most well-known rappers of all time, Snoop’s gone on to become a straight up cannabis entrepreneur.

Toward the end of last year, he developed his strain of marijuana called “Tangerine Man.” Snoop said his strain has more THC than any other strain in the world.

After throwing a “tasting party” in December to celebrate the release of Tangerine Man, Snoop made a move into the Canadian cannabis market when he partnered with a Toronto-based marijuana producer.

Beyond the cannabis market, Snoop’s also figured out how to leverage the fact that he’s pretty much always high to become something of a staple on the late night talk show circuit.

In addition to doing Plizzanet Earth with Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop regularly appears on Conan.

Just last month, Conan asked him if he’d ever tried using cannabis lube to enhance sexual stimulation. For probably the first time, the king of cannabis was stumped.

But he did say he’d be up for giving it a shot sometime.

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