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Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry


Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

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These top 5 rappers have found a way to use their hip-hop stardom to become key players in the up and coming legal cannabis industry. And thanks to their efforts, the industry is quickly growing to new “highs.” It’s not really that unusual these days for celebrities to find ways to move into the still emerging legal marijuana market.

Some find ways to invest in the legal cannabis industry, others start developing new strains, some want to open dispensaries, and others are content to simply let their love of weed make them unofficial spokespeople for the world of cannabis.

But this list of the top 5 rappers who are working to seriously grow the cannabis industry represents a group of big-name artists, performers, and celebrities who are truly elevating their commitment to marijuana.

Here’s our list of the top 5 rappers who are fundamentally changing the legal cannabis industry:

Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

Photo: Daily Mail

1. Snoop Dogg

You already knew who’d be at the top of this list: the godfather of ganja himself.

Snoop Dogg might be the most well-known, most outspoken advocate the cannabis plant has ever had. From his music to his television appearances, he’s constantly representing the sticky icky.

But he’s also managed to turn his love of herb into a passion for advancing the legal cannabis industry. He ended 2015 by throwing a tasting party for his own high THC strain, which he calls “Tangerine Man.”

And in February he announced plans to move into the Canadian cannabis market by partnering with a Toronto-based marijuana producer.

Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

Photo: The Cannabis Central

2. Wiz Khalifa

Like Snoop, Wiz Khalifa has built much of his rapping persona around his love of marijuana. Along with his music, he’s also released some killer weed-related videos like this one:

Wiz recently announced plans to release his own special strain on 4/20. The strain will be called Khalifa Kush, and he plans to distribute it through a partnership with Colorado-based dispensary RiverRocks Cannabis.

Along with Li’l Wayne, Wiz is also a headliner at Denver’s Official 420 Rally 2016.

Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

Photo: The Fader

3. Killer Mike

Killer Mike may very well be the most politically minded rapper on this list. And a key part of that consciousness has to do with speaking out against the war on drugs in general, and the war on marijuana in particular.

He even teamed up with Bernie Sanders to release a series of videos. The highlight of their conversations was when Killer Mike spoke about the need to take steps toward legalizing marijuana. He said doing so would help alleviate some of the harm caused by the war on drugs.

4. Freddie Gibbs

The same dedication and tenacity that drives Freddie Gibbs’s musical production is now driving his move into the legal cannabis game.

Freddie Gibbs recently talked about his plans to start producing his own line of cannabis products. The main thing he’s working to develop is his very own cannabis strain, which he calls Freddie Kane OG.

But he also wants to use his music and entrepreneurship to change some of the stereotypes about marijuana that still exist.

“Not all smokers are lazy ass stoners,” he said. “That’s definitely a bad stereotype. Weed smokers are productive people.”

Top 5 Rappers Who Are Changing the Cannabis Industry

Photo: BET

5. The Game

Since the early 2000s, the Game has become a staple of the West Coast rap scene. He’s now using his success as a musician to launch a career in the legal marijuana industry.

Just this week, the rapper announced the release of two new cannabis products. The first is G Drinks, a line of THC-infused lemonade drinks. The second is a line of pre-rolled joints called G Stiks.

Just like the other rappers on this list, the Game’s definitely figured out how to make the jump from musician to ganjapreneur.

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